The Rights You Didn’t Know You Have: The Power of 9A

The Power of the Ninth Amendment The government has been telling you they have a legal right to impose orders and mandates, simply by decree. The administration currently occupying the White House is passing down edicts that penalize disobedience. In doing so, they betray their gross ignorance of the roots of your rights—namely the Natural […]

ABC’s Hostin Accuses FNC of ‘Radicalizing White Men’ on Gun Violence

On Friday, ABC legal analyst told her co-hosts on “The View” that Fox News is “radicalizing” Americans when it comes to gun violence. Not just Americans though. She specifies white men as the ones being radicalized. What an extremely ironic, and laughable claim considering pretty much every mass shooter has been liberal, and cities with […]

RINO TN Gov. Bill Lee Breaks – Calls for Legislature to Pass Red Flag Law

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee was holding firm to his opposition to gun control measures, even after the Nashville Christian school shooting, as he should. However, he broke with that opposition and is now calling for state legislatures to pass a red flag law. Tell me you’re not representing your constituents and hold up the Constitution […]

Gov. Whitmer Signs Moot Gun Control Bills – Wouldn’t Have Prevented MSU Shooting

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed two new gun control measures in response to the shooting at Michigan State University in February. Yet, neither of the bills she signed would have prevented the shooting. Therefore her whole display was a moot point. According to The Detroit News, one of her bills is for universal background check […]

Spurs Coach Popovich Rants: Second Amendment Freedom is ‘a Myth’

On Sunday, San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich claimed that Second Amendment freedoms are “a myth” and slammed Republican Sen. Ted Cruz as “cowardly” and “oblivious” for wanting armed resource officers at schools to protect children from armed intruders. The San Antonio Express-News‘ Tom Osborn shared a video of the presser, which shows Popovich declaring, […]

Chelsea Handler: ‘Every Politician Voting Against Gun Reform Is a Murderer’

Far left comedian Chelsea Handler is pushing gun control, once again, in the wake of the deadly Christian school shooting on Monday in Nashville, Tennessee. The shooting left three teachers and three students dead. Police killed the 28-year-old transgender shooter on the scene as well. Instead of addressing mental health, or the fact that this […]

Far-Left Activist, Jim Wallis, Accuses GOP of ‘Literally Sacrificing All Our Children’

On Wednesday, theologian and political activist Jim Wallis appeared on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” and accused Republicans of “worshipping” guns and “literally sacrificing all our children.” The Sojourners founder told host Joy Reid, “Here is a moral fact, the leading cause of death right now for our children and teenagers are guns, leading cause. Here is a […]

Sleepy Joe Pledges to ‘Ban Assault Weapons Again, Come Hell or High Water’

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden pledged to ban “assault weapons” yet again. While addressing the House Democratic Caucus Issues Conference, he declared that he would secure a ban on assault weapons “come hell or high water.” As Fox News reports, Biden said, “I know it may make some of you uncomfortable, but that little state above […]