Hello! My name is Kelly John Walker. I’m an American Statesman, senior writer/editor, creative director, author, researcher, and scientist. I recently joined the Lindell Legal Offense Fund as Communications Director where I am working on election integrity for all.

Best of all, I’m a devoted husband and father of five.

In addition to my freelance and salaried work, I created my own independent media platform, FreedomTalk, where I’ve hosted numerous high-level thought leaders and influencers and where I produce and post sought-after articles. 

I regularly communicate with members of Congress and news leaders as a trusted professional source and colleague. 

Perhaps most importantly, I am well-liked and respected among both high-level influencers and crowds of everyday people. As Kipling wrote:

“If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,

Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,

If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,

If all men count with you, but none too much…

I believe in the foundations of our Republic and the Heritage of Liberty gifted by our Creator, so it is an honor to fight every day for the people and ideals of America.

If “activist” means serving your fellow man, relentlessly pursuing true justice rather than just talking a good game, then—yes—I guess that term applies as well. I like “fighter” better, though!

Below are selected testimonials along with writing and speaking samples. 





Kelly John Walker, M.S.


(541) 419-9976

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“Kelly is dedicated to his craft and a very hard worker. Kelly’s honesty and integrity shine through in his tasks and I have to say at a time when it’s hard to find talented people with excellent character, Kelly rises to the top.”

-Steve Lance, Washington DC Bureau Chief, NTD News/Epoch Times

“I thank God for you, Kelly Walker. It’s because of folks like you that I can speak out boldly, and I want to say, ‘God bless you for speaking out and standing. I applaud you for strengthening the Church.”

-Eric Metaxas, author, speaker, producer

“Kelly Walker is a frequent author and contributor to Andrew Magazine. He has become well known for his research and reflections on American civics and social behaviors that were once the norm and are now sadly missing today. Kelly is standing on the shoulders of our nation’s founders. Just as they stood up to tyranny, Mr. Walker has done the same. Just as our founders were assailed by those loyal to the Crown, Mr. Walker has been arrested, fined, spied upon, repeatedly threatened with bodily harm and yet refused to be silenced. As he continues to stand up for children and parent’s rights, he has gathered to himself citizens, politicians, law enforcement, magistrates and judges who also demand equal protection of children and parent’s rights. Andrew Magazine, the fastest growing publication in the nation, applauds his efforts and stands with him without reservation.”

-Eric Rickard, Editor, Andrew Magazine 

“You know, I tell people I never trust a man without a limp—I’m talking about challenges of life—and that’s something that Kelly has, from both his childhood and his professional career. Having been interviewed by him and having done some work with him on a video series, I can speak to the quality of his character, his work ethic, and his tenacity. High marks for my colleague and friend, Kelly!”

-Victor Marx, Founder ATM Ministries, humanitarian, filmmaker, author, martial arts master

“I’ve known Kelly for several years. He is diligent and a multi-dimensional asset to any team he’s on. The thing I like most about him his his love and devotion to God, his family and our country.”

-Congressman Eli Crane (AZ), former Navy Seal

Kelly Walker is an American hero. When faced with the tyranny of a nation he stood tall and protected his family and in so doing protected America. His courage and wisdom are contagious. His work incorporates his experiences and feelings regarding topics close to his heart which he masterfully combines with facts and history.

-Joe Hoft, JoeHoft.com, Gateway Pundit

“Where the virtue of courage is in short supply, Kelly Walker is the exception.  You can count on him to do the right thing in the face of adversity.  His leadership in keeping his business open during draconian mandates served as a shining example for others to do better.”

-David Clements, Producer, “Let My People Go”

“I’ve been a CEO of one of the largest agencies in Southern California, so I speak from experience. When working with Kelly, there is always a confidence that the job will get done and done right. Beyond that, we always have a great time doing it, and there is a passion and enthusiasm for the work that is always present. He eats stress and is intimidated by nothing I throw his way. Add to that he is fast, efficient and creatively brilliant and you have a rare resource. As for his character, I can tell you that Kelly is about commitment and integrity more than anything and delivers what he says he’s going to deliver. In short, he’s a man of his word who thinks beyond himself and more about others…and that’s what makes him so special. He is a great team player, a great communicator, great husband and father. Oh—almost forgot—he’s incredibly funny and you’ll be laughing a lot when he’s around.”

-Dean del Sesto, builder of brands, 4-time published author, speaker, advisor

“What does the Lord require of you but to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God?” Micah 6:8

Samples of Published Work

George Magazine How Will Targeting of School Parent Affect the ’24 Elections?

The Epoch Times: Can Organic Farming Feed the World?

NewsMax: Trustless Trustee: Weaponization of the DOJ by the Chinese Communist Party

Gateway Pundit: The DOJ is Helping the CCP Persecute Their Opposition: Falun Gong, Others

JoeHoft.com: Orchestrated Invasion: The CCP’s Border War and the Global Agenda

JoeHoft.com: The Noble Lie—The Illusion of Leftist Morality

Billings Report: CCP Police Station Bust

Selected Show Appearances

Epoch Times Crossroads: Fertilizer Policies Could Lead to a Second Dust Bowl

NTD News: Finding Alternatives to PFAS is Very Important

Lindell TV: How Can Dads Save Their Kids from a Wicked Culture?

The Eric Metaxas Show: Kelly Walker on His Fight for Children and the Government Targeting of School Parents

His Glory: Fathering in a World Gone Mad