You Need Fathering Advice More Than Ever in Today’s World

You can bring your children up with the conservative values and Godly character they need to overcome a culture in decline!

As a father of five who faces the same challenges you do, I understand how important it is to have parenting guidance and support to navigate a “world gone mad.” That’s why I’m activating and motivating fathers and those aspiring to become fathers to thrive in the midst of chaos!

This very special fathering advice series will help you succeed as a dad, and ensure you’re not walking the path of fatherhood alone.

The “Fathering in a World Gone Mad” series includes over eight hours of condensed and highly engaging parenting guidance for building a healthy, tight-knit family. 

Here’s what you get:

Courses like this can easily cost $500 or more, but we are giving it to you for just $49!

Want to try it out first? Watch episode one FREE: “Building a Godly Foundation” with TurningPoint USA’s Stephen Davis & Anthony Watson! Then preview all of the episodes. 

Invest in yourself and your family today with this one-of-a-kind course. I know you’ll be glad you did.

Speaker, author, husband, father, founder, humanitarian, filmmaker, and martial arts master Victor Marx shares God’s perspective on love, marriage and sex. Get a FREE PDF of our Guidebook to Love, Marriage, & Sex.

Learn how to build a Godly foundation for successful fathering, with TP USA “Campus Crasher” hosts, Stephen Davis and Anthony Watson.

Eric Metaxas, speaker and author of numerous books including Is Atheism Dead brings confidence clarity to the question of God’s existence.

Help your kids learn to be safe and defend themselves in a turbulent world, as “American Sheriff,” Mark Lamb shares tips from the world of law enforcement.

Be inspired as Pastor Dave Scarlett of His Glory Ministries shares wisdom gained through years of work with kids and families on how you can help your kids find God.

Discover how to reconcile science and religion so your kids won’t join the ⅓ with a Christian background who move away from the Church because they believe it’s anti-science. Scientist, author and theologian Kelly Walker gives you the tools your kids will need to address this important issue. Get a FREE PDF of Kelly’s chapter on the Origins of the Universe.

Grab the popcorn and plan a family movie night…Teddy Roosevelt comes to life with an entertaining and engaging episode featuring the world’s greatest Roosevelt character actor, Joe Wiegand, on making your place in history. FREE Download: Keeping Together, by Kelly John Walker, a historical fiction adventure story centering on the love of a father and his children during World War II.

Former U.S. Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark, is the author of numerous books on business, politics and life, as well as a sought-after business coach. Take notes as he shares great ways to help your kids prosper financially. PLUS an extra bonus presentation, “Tips for Fathers from a Successful Financial Advisor,” with Ironhawk Financial’s Joe Lombardi.