ABC’s Hostin Accuses FNC of ‘Radicalizing White Men’ on Gun Violence

On Friday, ABC legal analyst told her co-hosts on “The View” that Fox News is “radicalizing” Americans when it comes to gun violence. Not just Americans though. She specifies white men as the ones being radicalized.

What an extremely ironic, and laughable claim considering pretty much every mass shooter has been liberal, and cities with the most gun violence crimes (like Chicago for example) are run by Democrats.

Hostin said, “I honestly think certainly we know that America is the only country in the world that has more guns than people and those guns are owned by about 30% of the population, 33% of the population, and largely they’re men and they’re largely white men.I think what you are seeing happening is that people are being radicalized by Fox News. They’re being radicalized by other right wing media and being taught to fear people that don’t look like them.”

Co-host Sara Haines chimed in, “This instinct to shoot first is a really complicated problem with a lot of different branches. I think the obsession with social media, time spent on social media, the kind of numbing of something social that’s antisocial, I think consumption of porn, now we’re getting into some of the lane of a lot of male of all ages, video games. A lot of these things are removing that humanity, that empathy, that connection.”

She added, “We’re also watching the degradation of church. I am not an institutional church person. I was raised in the church, I’ve got a lot of issues, but one thing across religions and churches, there’s a morality component, a duty to serve your community, your families, to people that are different from you.”

So….are they trying to claim that left-leaning folks are tuning into Fox News and becoming “radicalized” to the point they’re going out and shooting people? Because law-abiding, Republican gun owners aren’t the ones doing it. NRA members are not the ones doing it. Democrats are, by large.


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