Spurs Coach Popovich Rants: Second Amendment Freedom is ‘a Myth’

On Sunday, San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich claimed that Second Amendment freedoms are “a myth” and slammed Republican Sen. Ted Cruz as “cowardly” and “oblivious” for wanting armed resource officers at schools to protect children from armed intruders.

The San Antonio Express-News‘ Tom Osborn shared a video of the presser, which shows Popovich declaring, “They’re going to cloak all this stuff, you know, the myth of the Second Amendment, the freedom, you know it’s just a myth, it’s a joke. It’s just a game they play, that’s freedom.”

The coach also asked if “freedom” means attending school in fear.

Popovich continued, “But Ted Cruz will fix them, because he’s going to double the number of cops in schools. That’s what he wants to do. Well, that will create a great environment. Is that freedom?”

Ironically enough, the coach failed to mention just how many armed officers, and other security personnel, are on the premises during NBA games. Security is there to ensure order and safety for both players and the audience.

So why is it okay for him to have security while coaching games, but it’s not okay for schools to have security to protect the children and teachers? He wants to call Senator Cruz “oblivious” when he should be looking in the mirror when he says that word.

Popovich also complained about lawmakers whose Christmas cards donned them standing with their family, and everyone is holding a gun – “including an AR-15.”

Who cares? It’s literally our CONSTITUTIONAL right to own guns to protect ourselves from criminals AND a tyrannical government. You’d think every person would want to own multiple guns in order to ensure that our government stays in check. Then again, most of the people trying to take our guns are also trying to control the government and the population. The left has brainwashed anyone ignorant enough to listen.


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