Gov. Whitmer Signs Moot Gun Control Bills – Wouldn’t Have Prevented MSU Shooting

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed two new gun control measures in response to the shooting at Michigan State University in February.

Yet, neither of the bills she signed would have prevented the shooting. Therefore her whole display was a moot point.

According to The Detroit News, one of her bills is for universal background check legislation, while the other is a law regarding gun storage.

The bill on universal background checks is merely to expand the already existing law that requires a background check for a handgun via a permitting process, to also include checks for buying long guns as well.

However, the MSU shooter used a handgun….which there was already a law in place for purchasing. The shooter also purchased his guns “legally,” meaning he complied with the gun laws in place.

In addition, the MSU shooter was a 43-year-old man living with his 67-year-old father. So Whitmer’s new gun storage law, which applies to people with minors in their home, would not have helped in this situation either as neither of the men would have been young enough to trigger the requirements.

Democrats seem to love to take a tragic situation and milk it for every single restriction they can. She may SAY that she is passing these laws in response to the recent shooting, however, we all know the truth. She saw a small window of opportunity to pass more gun control and she took it.

The far-left governor is expected to see a red flag law come across her desk in the near future, courtesy of Michigan legislature.

On Tuesday, Tennessee RINO Governor Bill Lee broke with his previous stance on red flag laws and called for the state’s legislature to pass one. This comes two weeks after the shooting at a Christian elementary school, carried out by transgender shooter Audrey Hale, that killed six people.

Yet, a red flag law would not have stopped that shooting either, as Hale was not on police radar, nor did her parents know she even owned a gun.

Again, a moot point.


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