Newsom Taunts DeSantis: ‘Scared to Death’ of Public Over ‘Extreme’ FL Gun Law

On Friday, California Governor Gavin Newsom reminded us all that the lump three feet above his butt is not much more than a hat rack when it comes to using common sense.

Former White House press secretary turned MSNBC anchor Jen Psaki appeared on “Andrea Mitchell Reports” on Friday and previewed her recent interview with the governor, which will air on her show “Inside” on Sunday.

During the clip, Newsom taunted Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for his position on the Second Amendment and constitutional carry.

Psaki said while introducing the video, “What we talked about during this interview which will air Sunday, is this fight against authoritarianism, what we have seen in Tennessee. The need to speak out on the need for gun reform, the need for women to have the ability to make decisions about their own health care, for LGBTQ rights. That is not just a blue-state campaign. So he went into the heart of a bunch of red states to do that.”

“There was a startling split screen. You had 1,000 kids in Nashville out there protesting the lack of action on gun reform measures, while you had Governor DeSantis signing a bill on permitless carry behind closed doors. What did you make of that?” she asked in the video.

Newsom replied, “Scared to death. Scared to death.”

Psaki pressed, “Who is he scared of?”

Newsom said, “Scared of the people, scared of the public.”

Psaki asked, “The people in Florida?”

Newsom responded, “Yes, that overwhelmingly oppose that position. I think the majority of NRA members probably oppose that position. I mean, no background checks, no background, none? Really I mean, no training? Why would we do that with weapons of war?”

Psaki questioned, “Which is what permit-less carry means.”

Newsom replied, “That is extreme in the extreme.”

As a member of the NRA, no we do not oppose constitutional carry. That is literally part of our Second Amendment right. Why would we be against it?


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