MSNBC’s Hayes Claims He’s ‘Permanently Scarred’ by Trump’s 2016 Victory

On Wednesday, MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes wailed on his show “All In” that he, and many other people, were “permanently scarred” by Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential victory. Wow. Somebody call a WAHHHHHH-bulance for the crybaby “scarred” by Trump being president. What a joke. Hayes declared, “Even by the standards of our time, of this day and […]

Woke Disney CEO Bob Iger Accuses Gov. DeSantis of Being ‘Anti-Florida’

Last year, upon returning to Disney, CEO Bob Iger announced that he wanted to “quiet things down” in the company and end the ongoing political war with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. However, on Monday, Iger did the complete opposite! He accused the governor of being “not only anti-business, but anti-Florida.” Iger re-ignited the flame during […]

Budweiser Goes Woke: Sides with Child-Abusing, Science-Denying Cult

Bud Light just went woke, pairing with transgender TikToker Dylan Mulvaney as their newest spokesperson. If Mulvaney’s name sounds familiar, that’s because you have probably heard of him before as the man who made a blog documenting his transition, called “365 Days of Girlhood.” Upon reaching day 365 of “girlhood,” Bud Light featured the influencer’s […]

‘The View’ Predicts Trump Has Hidden ‘Pocket Pardon’ to Prep for Indictment

On Friday, The View co-host Sunny Hostin couldn’t contain her excitement that former President Donald Trump was indicted, but pushed a theory that he probably has a “pocket pardon” to get out of it. Thursday evening, news broke that former President Donald Trump was indicted by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg following his investigation into the […]

Trans Group Defends Nashville Shooter: ‘Anti-Trans Hate’ Has ‘Consequences’

What kind of monsters would defend a mentally ill person that killed six people, including three innocent children? A group of more mentally ill people, that’s who. The “Trans Resistance Network” posted to Twitter on Monday, defending the Nashville Christian school shooter, stating that “anti-trans hate” has “consequences.” Really? So people not agreeing with you mutilating […]

Chelsea Handler: ‘Every Politician Voting Against Gun Reform Is a Murderer’

Far left comedian Chelsea Handler is pushing gun control, once again, in the wake of the deadly Christian school shooting on Monday in Nashville, Tennessee. The shooting left three teachers and three students dead. Police killed the 28-year-old transgender shooter on the scene as well. Instead of addressing mental health, or the fact that this […]

Joy Reid Rants: GOP’s Crusade Against Trans People ‘Dangerous and Evil’

A deranged, transgender woman shot up an elementary school and suddenly the left is defending the shooter and condemning anyone who speaks out about getting these people the help they need? What is going on? The murderer is NOT the victim here! On Wednesday, MSNBC anchor Joy Reid ranted during her show “The ReidOut,” accusing […]

‘I’m Here for the Ice Cream’: Biden Addresses Christian School Murders

After the horrific shooting at The Covenant School – a private elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee – that left three teachers and three students dead, President Joe Biden was more concerned with ice cream than addressing the shooting.  Instead of being serious in the moment, he talked about liking ice cream and claiming that’s the […]

Dem Strategist Brazile: DeSantis ‘Running on a 1950s America’ Will Help Biden

On Sunday, Democratic strategist Donna Brazile appeared on ABC’s “This Week” and argued that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is “running on a 1950s America,” which she claims will help President Joe Biden. Brazile said that DeSantis, who has not announced a presidential bid for 2024, is running on a “1950s America” rather than a “2050 […]