Dem Strategist Brazile: DeSantis ‘Running on a 1950s America’ Will Help Biden

On Sunday, Democratic strategist Donna Brazile appeared on ABC’s “This Week” and argued that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is “running on a 1950s America,” which she claims will help President Joe Biden.

Brazile said that DeSantis, who has not announced a presidential bid for 2024, is running on a “1950s America” rather than a “2050 America” by “basically outlawing drag queens.” A move she claims will benefit Biden.

She said, “Joe Biden this Tuesday will start to Invest in an American tour where he’s going to spend the next two or three weeks along with his members of the cabinet and the vice president.

Once she returns from Africa, they’re going to begin to talk directly to the American people on the anxieties and concerns that everyday Americans have.”

Brazile continued, “I want to say something on these culture wars. This is the Republicans going through another round of silly season. It does not matter what happened in Virginia.

I mean to begin, basically outlawing drag queens, they had somebody going on a drag show to see if there were drag queens. If you want to learn how to dance, come to my house. Don’t wait for a queen. Come on. I will invite you over.”

She added, “Ron DeSantis is running on a 1950s America, not a 2050 America, the America of the future. I think Joe Biden will have a really good advantage going into the 2024 election.”

So DeSantis making moves to protect children and preserve their innocence is a move of the “past” rather than the “future”? A move she thinks will help Biden?

If a move that literally protects children is one that puts DeSantis on the “wrong” side of history, then I don’t want to be on the right side.

That tells you everything you need to know about the left and their agenda.


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