They’re Going to Kill Him! The Shocking TRUE Story Behind the Jason Aldean Video

“Ella, I hate this! They are going to mob this boy they brought in…Go and tell the boy to pray, because they’re going to kill him.” Watch the corresponding CounterCulture episode: These chilling words bring us back to 1927 in Columbia, Tennessee at the Maury County Courthouse—the location of the controversial 2023 video for Jason Aldean’s song, […]

Woke School Board Restricts Career Fair to ‘Indigenous, Black, Racialized Individuals’

Welcome to 2023, where you can be discriminated against if you’re white but it’s justified….because you’re white. A school board in Ontario, Canada announced that they will be holding a career fair. However, you may only attend if you fit into the category of “Indigenous, Black and Racialized Individuals.” That’s right, no white kids allowed. […]

MSNBC’s Johnson: ‘White Folks Prefer Inconvenience Over Letting Blacks Vote’

On Monday, MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson appeared on “Deadline” and made the wild claim that Republicans pass voting laws because white people “would rather have their own lives inconvenienced than run the risk of black people being on an equal plane.” I can’t even begin to explain how ignorant that statement is. Does he truly think that […]

‘White on White’ Violence: Whoopi Repeats Narrative that Holocaust Wasn’t ‘Racial’

Earlier this year, ‘The View’ co-host Whoopi Goldberg was suspended for making claims that the Holocaust was “not about race” but rather “about man’s inhumanity to man.” She added that it wasn’t about race because Nazis and Jews were “two white groups of people.” CHECK IT OUT: After maliciously minimizing the atrocities of the Holocaust, leftists […]

The View’s Sunny Hostin Mocks Herschel Walker Voters: ‘Who Are These People?’

Leave it to the *lovely* ladies of The View to stay toxic in every single show. Now the ignorant hosts are making fun of a successful, Conservative black man and his supporters. Co-host Sunny Hostin smeared Georgia senatorial candidate Herschel Walker as “undignified” and “unqualified,” while mocking anyone who voted for him as being. “Who […]

CNN’s Van Jones Smears Herschel Walker as an ‘Insult to Black Voters’

On Tuesday, CNN political commentator Van Jones slammed former President Donald Trump for choosing “former hero” Hershel Walker as the Georgia Republican Senate nominee, whom he smeared as an “insult” to the black community. Jones declared, “What I do know is this, tonight is about Georgia. And tonight is about Trump picking somebody who frankly […]