Gingrich Blows Fuse on ‘Never Kevins’ – ‘Kamikazes – Will Sink the Whole GOP’

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich blew a fuse on House Republicans who refuse to support Rep. Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House.

He labeled them as “kamikazes” who “will sink the whole Republican Party.”

“They’re not voting against Kevin McCarthy. They’re voting against over 215 members of their own conference,” Gingrich said on Fox & Friends. “I thought the House was going to be a sign of stability, and these five guys decided to go out as Kamikazes and see if they can’t sink the whole Republican Party.”

He is referring to the fact that McCarthy needs 218 votes to win the bid for speaker, and Republicans have 222 seats in the House. Therefore, he can only afford to lose four votes. As it sits, these five congressmen are holding out on supporting him:

  1. Andy Biggs
  2. Matt Gaetz
  3. Ralph Norman
  4. Matt Rosendale
  5. Bob Good

If at least one of them cannot be swayed, McCarthy will not win the nomination.

Gingrich continued, “This is not about Kevin McCarthy. This is about the right of any five members to basically throw away the entire rest of the conference, and tell the rest of the conference it doesn’t matter.”

Fox News host Griff Jenkins asked, “Why would they do that?”

“It’s a psychological problem.” Gingrich replied, “These guys can’t count straight. They can’t play tic-tac-toe. They can’t accept victory. This is a moment where the freedom caucus could claim victory, and Conservatives could claim victory.”

He added, “Given what [Rep. Mitch] McConnell has been doing in the Senate, McCarthy is the only hope for conservatism in Washington right now and to undermine him, I think, is to undermine conservatism – undermine the Republican Party – and frankly undermine the country.

If appointed speaker, McCarthy has vowed to not only subpoena the 51 intel agents who signed a letter stating that the Hunter Biden laptop information was part of a Russian collusion, but to also repeal the provisions for 87,000 IRS agents passed by Congress in 2022.


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