Walsh: GOP’s Hunter Biden Laptop Investigation Will ‘Anger the American People’

I used to be a fan of former congressman Joe Walsh. However, the more I hear him speak lately, the more I realize he has sold out his supporters.

The radio talker appeared on MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show” and declared that Republicans investigating Hunter Biden’s laptop is “going to anger the American people.”

“The Republicans have no agenda. You’re going to see two years of utter chaos trying to investigate Hunter Biden’s laptop and everything like that. Which is just going to anger the American people more,” Walsh said.

Guest host Yamiche Alcindor pressed, “What do you think governing looks like in this GOP? Do they have any sort of big bills that they might be able to pass through?”

Walsh replied, “There is no agenda. There is no legislative agenda. Their agenda for the next two years since revenge. It’s investigate everything Democrats have done for the last two or three years. That’s all they’re going to do. That will hurt them as it should with the American people.”

“The difference between the Senate and the House are profound because Senate Republicans don’t want any of this craziness going on they don’t want the government to shut down,” he added. “They don’t want Hunter Biden laptop investigated. This is really going to be solely on McCarthy in the House up against really even their own Republicans in the Senate.”


Every American should be calling for the investigation of President Joe Biden and his slimy, perverted son. Hunter’s laptop and the Bidens’ deals with China should be top priorities. Yet lawmakers are still too busy trying to investigate former President Donald Trump (again) and the January 6th Capitol riot.

It’s disappointing to see people like Walsh, who used to be a huge voice for the Conservative movement, join other Republicans on the RINO list. If they no longer support our party’s beliefs and morals then they should consider switching to another party.


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