McCarthy: ‘Day One, FIRST Thing We’re Gonna Do Is Repeal the 87,000 IRS Agents’

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy appeared on Fox News Channel’s “Jesse Watters Primetime,” and announced Congress’ first actions for 2023.

He declared that as the new Speaker of the House, the first thing on their to-do list is to repeal the provision for 87,000 IRS agents passed by Congress in 2022.

“Great question – the first thing we have to do is elect our Speaker. We can’t do anything until we elect that Speaker,” McCarthy told Watters. “And if you watch, the White House is actually pushing back on our investigations, saying we’re not going to give you anything till you get this solved. So, we need to be able to move forward with that.”

“Then, on the very first day, the first thing we’re going to do is repeal the 87,000 IRS agents,” he continued. “Another reason why the Democrats are mad at me, I think – government should be here to help you, not to go after you, then we’re going to secure our border. You’ve got to secure this border, the millions of people coming across, the fentanyl that’s killing our children. We need to work on our economy. That means making us energy-independent.”

McCarthy added, “We need to hold this government accountable. Where’s the origin of COVID began? Find out what this Biden family had done in the process.

Make sure the FBI is not going after Americans but actually going after the crime. We’ve got so much work behind us, and we need to start on the very first day.”

The congressman won his bid for speaker, as Republicans have taken back control of the House. However, he struggled to get 218 votes to win.

As house speaker, McCarthy has also vowed to subpoena the 51 intel agents who signed a letter stating that the Hunter Biden laptop information was part of Russian collusion.


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