Virginia Dems Desecrate Graves, Skeletons of Confederate Generals to Fight Racism

Democrats in Richmond, Virginia are fighting racism and division by unearthing skeletons of deceased Confederate generals and removing monuments featuring Civil War veterans.

This week, Richmond leftists were permitted to desecrate the grave of General Ambrose Powell Hill, known historically as A.P. Hill, and remove his skeleton from its resting place because apparently, he was a symbol of hate.

The effort was originally spearheaded by the Mayor of Richmond, then-Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, and Black Lives Matter member Levar Stoney in the early summer of 2021, prompting a legal fiasco in which groups sought to keep the general in place.

As noted by Law Enforcement Today, General Hill “was opposed to slavery and resigned his commission in the United States Army when Virginia seceded from the Union in 1861.”

“Hill was one of the most capable officers in the Confederate army and was fiercely loyal to the Confederacy. Hill ended up being killed in combat during the waning days of the Civil War during the Siege of Petersburg,” they added.

A statue commemorating General Hill sat above the grave until Richmond Circuit Court Judge David Eugene Cheek Sr. this week rejected a motion from four indirect descendants of the Civil War veteran to have the statue removed, which required the grave to be unearthed.

The four descendents have since filed a motion to have the monument relocated to the Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia.

“It comes as no surprise to us that the degenerates in Richmond have announced plans to desecrate the grave of a war veteran by literally digging up his remains in their ongoing quest to eliminate any trace of the city’s history and heritage which might happen to ‘offend’ the howling mob of social justice terrorists,” a spokesperson for Confederate history preservation group Virginia Flaggers said of the statue removal.

The move comes in the wake of the catastrophic Black Lives Matter riots, which saw hordes of angry leftists besiege the capital city of Richmond following the death of convicted criminal George Floyd in the summer of 2020.

In one instance amidst the chaotic riots, a group of Black Lives Matter protesters were seemingly permitted to tear down statues themselves, resulting in a horrific injury of BLM protestor Chris Green.

The riots preceded widespread damage to the city, some of which can still be observed today, as well as the removal of nearly all traces of the Confederacy — including iconic statues of confederate Generals Robert E. Lee and Jeb Stuart at the behest of complacent Richmond Democrat leadership months and years following. 

John Hill, General Hill’s closest descendant, said that the family considers the statue to be Hill’s headstone, and hoped that the statue and Hill’s remains could stay together.

Boarded up businesses following BLM riots in Richmond, Virginia. SOURCE: i threw a guitar at him / Flickr

“It’s his headstone. I just feel like anybody else’s headstone with their family name on it, you don’t want to see that come down,” he said.

“All of his census documents show he never owned a slave and he did not believe in slavery,” Hill added.

This news and commentary by Andrew White originally appeared on Valiant News.


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