Trump Warns DeSantis He’ll Be ‘Unfairly & Illegally Attacked’ Too

45th President Donald Trump on Monday said that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will be sympathetic to his problems once he gets “unfairly and illegally attacked” by people from his past, which may come “sometime in the future.”

In a Truth Social post, the former president brought up reports that allege DeSantis attended drinking parties with his high school students and suggested that the governor may find himself in a defensive position over the allegations as he becomes more popular.

“Ron DeSanctimonious will probably find out about FALSE ACCUSATIONS & FAKE STORIES sometime in the future, as he gets older, wiser, and better known, when he’s unfairly and illegally attacked by a woman, even classmates that are “underage” (or possibly a man!). I’m sure he will want to fight these misfits just like I do!” the former president wrote.

President Trump’s post included an image that purportedly shows a young DeSantis allegedly “partying with underaged students,” along with a link to an article by the Hill Reporter that had published the image in October 2021.

Source: Hill Reporter

“The photo shows a person purported to be DeSantis, in a group embrace with several young girls, one of whom is holding what appears to be a glass beer bottle,” the Hill Reporter wrote.

“The source who provided the photo says that it was taken prior to graduation — meaning the young girls would still have been DeSantis’ responsibility at the time. It is not clear whether any of them were legal adults, though they would have been too young to purchase alcohol.”

Last month, Trump re-posted a meme that claimed the photo showed DeSantis allegedly “grooming high school girls with alcohol as a teacher” in an apparent dig at the governor, who is expected to announce his run for president in 2024 against Trump.

“I spend my time delivering results for the people of Florida and fighting against Joe Biden,” DeSantis responded to President Trump’s post in February. “That’s how I spend my time. I don’t spend my time trying to smear other Republicans.”

President Trump’s latest Truth Social post comes after DeSantis signaled that his administration would do nothing to prevent Soros-allied Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg from arresting the president on Tuesday, and appeared to downplay the development as a “manufactured circus” that doesn’t really matter.

“I have no interest in getting involved in some type of manufactured circus by some Soros DA,” said DeSantis.

“He’s trying to do a political spectacle,” said DeSantis of the Manhattan District Attorney. He then confirmed, “I’ve got real issues I’ve got to deal with here in the state of Florida.” DeSantis reiterated, “We’re not getting involved in it in any way.”

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