‘It’s Not True’: Biden Denies Bank Records Showing $1M Chinese Transfer to Family

Despite reports from House Republicans citing evidence of the Biden family being compromised by payments from China, President Joe Biden is sticking to his guns and denying any claims that his family is corrupt.

Did you expect anything less than that? A criminal will continue to deny their crimes when they are living free.

On Friday, reporters attempted to ask questions about the unearthed bank records that show his close family members receiving over one million dollars in transfers from a foreign company that is associated with a Hunter Biden Business partner.

Biden answered, “It’s not true,” as he departed for another Delaware vacation.

Check it out:

As Lucretia Hughes reports:

According to the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, the Biden crime family has been lining their pockets with red money.

The committee issued a new memorandum which includes information from the investigation into the Biden family’s shady business schemes. There are subpoenaed financial records that prove from 2015 to 2017, Biden family members – Hunter Biden, James Biden, Hallie Biden, and an unknown “Biden” – all collectively received a whopping $1.3 million from accounts related to Biden family associate Rob Walker.

The wire transfer of $3 million from Chinese owned State Energy HK Unlimited to Rob Walker’s company happened less than two months after Vice President Joe Biden left public office. The next day, Walker’s company transferred over $1 million to a Biden family associate, where it was distributed to Biden family members over a three month period.

Committee Chairman James Comer said of the transactions, “Democrats described our subpoena as providing nothing more than records for Papa John’s and Starbucks, but they failed to mention the records we’ve received documenting the Biden family’s business schemes. Over the course of several years, members of the Biden family and their companies received over $1.3 million in payments from accounts related to their associate, Rob Walker. Most of this money came as a result of a wire from a Chinese energy company and went not only to Hunter and James Biden, but also to Hallie Biden and an unknown ‘Biden.’ It is unclear what services were provided to obtain this exorbitant amount of money.”

He added, “The Oversight Committee is concerned about the national security implications resulting from President Biden’s family receiving millions of dollars from foreign nationals. We will continue to follow the money trail and facts to determine if President Biden is compromised by his family’s business schemes and if there is a national security threat.”


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