Michelle Obama Claims Husband’s Admin Was ‘Scandal Free’

Former first Lady Michelle Obama straight up lied, with a straight face, on CNN (of course) and claimed that her family did not have a single scandal while her husband, Barack Obama, was president.

Let’s all laugh along now.

She said during her recently launched “The light Podcast” that her family had an enhanced sense of responsibility as the first Black family in the White House, in American history.

“It was no accident that the administration was scandal-free. It was no accident that … our children had to show up right in the world. They carried a burden of making sure they weren’t messy, because it wouldn’t have been laughed off. It wouldn’t have been just, ‘Oh, it’s youthful, whatever.’ It would have been some bigger statement about the soul of Black folks,” Obama argued.

She added, “So we didn’t underestimate that. But that, that weight is exhausting when you’re carrying that.”

Ummmm. The Obama administration was FAR from a scandal-free presidency. Did Michelle simply forget about the IRS scandal, phone records scandal, illegal immigration, gun control, keystone, and Benghazi?

I mean we know that the left doesn’t care about Benghazi. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton literally said at the time, “What difference does it make?” However, that does not mean they get to write it off.

Those incidents are just the tip of the iceberg. How about Obama using the EPA to shut down coal powered electric plants and then investing millions into green companies that went broke just weeks later?

How about Obamacare? Or the fact that a large portion of the population actually believes Michelle Obama used to be a man…

Anyone remember the pallets of unmarked cash that was delivered to Iran as they built nukes to murder us with? Or how about the fact that he NEVER presented his birth certificate and Barack’s own brother, Malik Obama, shared a birth certificate claiming that the president was not born in the USA but rather Mombasa, Kenya.

Then there were the questions raised as to whether the Obama girls were actually their children or not…and then Malia Obama going viral for smoking weed.

The scandals go on…and on….and on….

For Michelle to claim they were a scandal free administration is laughable at best.


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