AOC Accuses GOP of ‘Fascism’ After Expulsion of Two TN Lawmakers

Openly socialist Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused the Republican Part of stroking “fascism” after they expelled two Democrat lawmakers in Tennessee.

The lawmakers were expelled for participating in gun control protests, which disrupted the House proceedings in the state Capitol.

Ocasio-Cortez shared a video on Twitter of protestors chanting “fuck you fascists” to Republican lawmakers after they voted to expel state Reps. Justin Jones and Justin Pearson.

She also wrote, “Republicans may think they won today in Tennessee, but their fascism is only further radicalizing and awakening an earthquake of young people, both in the South and across the nation. If you thought youth organizing was strong, just wait for what’s coming. Gen Z don’t play.”

Of course her comments sparked immediate backlash by Conservatives, who accused her of advocating violence and watering down the meaning of fascism.

“Because demanding the expulsion of a political opponent from a legislative body is only an “assault on democracy” when the wrong side does it. It’s (D)ifferent when they do it,” wrote Club for Growth senior analyst Andrew Follett.

Justin Haskins of The Heartland Institute’s Socialism Research Center clapped back to AOC, “Do you have any idea what ‘fascism’ means? You do know that it’s a LEFTIST ideology, right? You do know that it depends on big, centralized government, right? You do know that the ‘far right’ actually wants very little government, right? You’re so dishonest. It’s disgusting.”

“This is a call for violence from @AOC,” actor Nick Searcy chimed in.

AOC’s argument isn’t the only one from Democrats in regards to the expulsion of the two representatives. Some claim that there was a racial component, and President Joe Biden reacted to the expulsions as being “shocking, undemocratic, and without precedent.”

Check it out:

Maybe AOC should go back to bartending. Not many braincells are needed to hand out beers and make mixed drinks.


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