Ex-DOJ Attorney George Higginbotham Testifies in Pras Michel Trial About Guo Wengui/Miles Guo: Everything You Need to Know

by Matt Palumbo

Disgraced ex-employee of the Department of Justice, George Higginbotham, who was instrumental to a $100 million conspiracy financed by CCP-linked Jho Low, is expected to testify in Pras Michel’s ongoing criminal trial in Washington D.C. on April 6th, 2023. Higginbotham was reportedly paid $41 million after visiting the D.C. Chinese Embassy in 2017 to conspire with Ambassador Cui Tiankai to send Guo Wengui/Miles Guo, a prominent CCP dissident, back to China. Michel’s attorneys have also requested Mr. Guo’s testimony but were rejected by the DOJ. Notably, While Michel stands trial facing decades in prison, Higginbotham not only walks free after the DOJ cut him an apologetically lenient plea deal, but he also appears to currently work at the heavily CCP-linked Citadel. Others including Leonardo DiCaprio have previously testified at the highly-publicized Michel trial.

George Higginbotham worked as Senior Congressional Affairs Specialist at the DOJ from 2016 to 2018. He had been friends with Michel for a long time, going back to when Higginbotham operated a law firm and Michel was reportedly his client. The two reconnected around 2017 when Michel, on behalf of Jho Low and the CCP, reached out to Higginbotham soliciting his help in removing Mr. Guo from the United States. Ironically, Mr. Guo currently is held without bail by the DOJ on bogus fraud charges, because the Justice Department reportedly wants to prevent Mr. Guo from testifying at Michel’s trial.

But Michel and Higginbotham didn’t operate alone, their long list of notable co-conspirators includes Casino Mogul Steve Wynn, RNC Finance Chairman Elliot Broidy, and now convicted-felon Nickie Lum Davis. Steve Wynn defeated his DOJ lawsuit alleging him to be a foreign agent for China with the help of the CCP-linked law firm Paul Hastings, whose partner Luc Despins has been relentlessly persecuting Mr. Guo as DOJ-appointed bankruptcy trustee. Broidy has pleaded guilty to violating FARA and acting as an agent of the CCP to remove Mr. Guo, but was issued a Presidential pardon.

The public’s fascination with George Higginbotham centers not only around his role as a DOJ official, but also the extent and extravagance with which he carried out his crimes. Higginbotham walked in broad daylight right into the Chinese Embassy in D.C., where he reportedly told the Chinese Ambassador that the DOJ was “working” on Mr. Guo’s removal.

Higginbotham also traveled to Hong Kong with Michel, Broidy, and Davis in 2017 to meet with Sun Lijun, Vice Minister of Public Security of China. According to sources familiar with the trip, once the group arrived in Hong Kong, they were told that Minister Sun wanted to meet in Shen Zhen instead. The group had initially expressed concerns that they lacked the Chinese Visa necessary to cross the Chinese border. Minister Sun had reportedly replied that “Only two men run everything in China, President Xi runs Beijing, and outside of Beijing, I run everything.” The group was then secretly brought over the border to Shenzhen without ever showing passports, where they met with Minister Sun and Jho Low to discuss how to force Mr. Guo’s return to China.

Together, the group would illegally lobby then-President Trump, Attorney General Jeff Session, the DOJ itself, and the NSA in an attempt to force Mr. Guo’s return to China – all for hundreds of millions of dollars of personal financial gain. In Steve Wynn’s court filing, it was revealed that when President Xi visits President Trump in 2017, Xi personally requested Mr. Guo’s return to China, offering even new assistance packages for North Korea in return.

Mr. Guo has made himself the arch nemesis of the CCP by exposing three highly classified CCP documents he had obtained in 2017: the BGY Plan (which exposed the CCP’s efforts to infiltrate all aspects of American society), the 3F Plan (which exposed the CCP sending tens of thousands of spies to the U.S.), and the 13579 plan (which revealed the CCP’s plan to create and release a biological weapon – now known as Covid-19 – within three years).

Mr. Guo’s recent arrest, on March 15th, and the prosecutor’s argument that Mr. Guo might face deportation to China, makes one wonder if Higginbotham’s involvement in 2017 had anything to do with Mr. Guo’s current criminal fraud charges, which many experts have commented as bogus and lacking substance. Specifically, of the 5,500+ alleged “harmed” investors, the prosecution has identified exactly zero of them as victims. In fact, according to independent research, there are only 4 GTV investors who have ever publicly filed complaints against Guo, one of whom recently came out and admitted that he was forced to file such accusations by Chinese Authorities and was given step-by-step filing instructions by policemen. This amounts to 0.05% of the investor base – practically a rounding error.

If the DOJ does not make an effort to sugar coat Higginbotham’s testimony at Michel’s trial, which many has suspected the Department might do in the interest of protecting “one of their own”, then we can expect to hear from Higginbotham the details of his peculiar trips to China and Chinese Embassy in 2017.

The Higginbothams of America are the reason why our nation is in extreme peril. A conspiracy is in plain view, involving high-ranking DOJ officials, a sitting U.S. President, and an Attorney General, executed by American traitors who have the best interest of Beijing at heart, and financed by a CCP billionaire who stole from the Malaysian people, all to return one man, Guo Wengui, back to China. As Attorney Adam Waldman points out, “It’s all one overlapping case.”

Mr. Guo, the center of this BIG overlapping case, currently sits in federal prison without bail while his testimony at Michel’s trial had long been requested. It’s about damn time: FREE MILES GUO and LET HIM TESIFY.

About the author: Matt Palumbo is the author of The Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Secret Network of George Soros (2021), Dumb and Dumber: How Cuomo and de Blasio Ruined New York (2020), Debunk This!: Shattering Liberal Lies (2019), and Spygate (2018).


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