Schiff Not Happy: ‘McCarthy Wants Trump to Get a Pass’

On Thursday, Representative Adam Schiff appeared on MSNBC’s “The Last Word” and wailed that he couldn’t even stomach listening to Speaker Kevin McCarthy discuss “equal justice,” in reference to McCarthy telling reporters, “We’re not coming here to defend President Trump. We’re coming to defend equal justice.”

The California Congressman declared, “There was Kevin McCarthy saying I’m not defending him, but let me defend him. More than just him defending him on that stage, he has directed the chair of the Judiciary Committee Jim Jordan to essentially, investigate the Manhattan district attorney.

Jordan, and other Republican chairs have written to the DA demanding documents, demanding testimony. They are acting like Donald Trump’s criminal defense lawyers except they also have the subpoena power which makes them dangerous.”

He continued, “To hear Kevin McCarthy, also I have to say it was more than I could stomach, talk about equal justice. As you pointed out what he is interested in is the most unequal justice in which the Republican Party leader Donald Trump gets a pass for any criminal activity.”

Schiff added, “As you mentioned, if the indictment charging Michael Cohen identified individual one or otherwise known as Donald Trump as directing the campaign fraud scheme involving that hush money to porn star then what is the argument that the guy who was directed has to go to jail but the person who did the directing gets a pass?

That is not equal justice. But apparently, McCarthy must think that, well everybody should be able to pay off porn stars and hide it when they run for office or some such nonsense.

But this is Kevin McCarthy, once again throwing all in with Donald Trump defending him with the indefensible.”

Considering Schiff should already be behind bars, he should be thanking his lucky stars that “equal justice” hasn’t smacked him across the face yet.


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