Breaking: Anti-CCP Protesters File $10 Million Lawsuit Against University of Maryland Over Drone Harassment

Why we must support the Chinese Whistleblowers

A group of New Federal State of China (NFSC) dissidents reported being harassed by a “mysterious drone” at a lawful protest at the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMBC) during a series of events last December that protesters say interfered with the exercise of their constitutionally protected rights on public property, enacted by university officials in a “symbiotic relationship” with the CCP.

A group of Chinese Whistleblowers protests the activities of Shan Weijian.

The protesters were also reportedly harassed by campus police before being forced out of the campus by the University. A source has provided that the CCP-linked billionaire Shan Weijian, whose daughter attends UMBC, has allegedly donated tens of millions of dollars to UMBC for the school’s effort to remove NFSC protesters. It will be interesting to see if this alleged secret donation took place as we follow through the course of this new legal action by NFSC protesters.

The group is pushing back with a Civil Complaint filed last Friday, charging UMBC and Shan Weijian with five counts of illegal conduct and demanding at least $10 million in damages: “The action arises from restrictions to and interference with the Plaintiffs in the exercise of their Constitutionally protected rights on public property, in that Defendants, individually or in concern, ignored and de facto cancelled a duly issued permit without cause or notice, stopped the Plaintiffs from hosting signs and posters, forced the Plaintiffs to repeatedly change the method of protest, and following the Plaintiffs without legitimate reasons during their peaceful protests and picketing…”

Named defendants include Darryll Pines, University President; Bruce Perry, UMBC Chief of Police, Joel Dewyer, Director of Campus Life Operations, Shan Weijian, chairman of CCP controlled Pacific Alliance Group (PAG), and LeeAnn Akrou Shan, daughter of Shan Weijian.

The plaintiffs allege that, at the time they applied for a permit, DeWyer “possessed a favorable and positive attitude” toward their intent to conduct peaceful protests, and suggested they hold the protest in the Commons.

After applying to renew the permit on January 30, 2023, the group received an unexpected backlash, beginning with instructions to discontinue holding signs, handing out flyers, and running livestreams, and to move to a less visible area, on threat of forced removal.

On February 3, 2023, without explanation, numerous police vehicles and dozens of officers compelled them to cease demonstrations and leave the Commons.

On February 7, two U.S. Marshalls delivered an Order dated January 13 from a bankruptcy court in another jurisdiction—though none of the protestors were part of the bankruptcy case and not subject to its provisions. After the U.S. Marshalls left, Perry and several police officers ordered the protesters to stop their lawfully permitted peaceful protests. Shortly after, the “mysterious drone” arrived to harass the protesters.

The Plaintiffs claim they were targeted because Weijian Shan is a CCP agent who has maintained a close relationship with UMBC. The suit includes examples supporting the allegation that “numerous Chinese expats, defectors and former CCP members have all referred to Defendant Shan as the CCP’s supreme agent in America.”

These claims highlight the CCP’s shadowy influence over U.S. institutions. “All warfare is based upon deception,” and as Brigadier General, Robert Spaulding writes in War Without Rules, the CCP’s stealth war is more focused on controlling than killing: “Now every civilian is a potential warrior or target, every aspect of modern life is a potential weapon, and every sphere of human activity is a potential battlefield.”

Articles 7 and 14 of China’s 2017 National Intelligence Law require every Chinese national and entity to spy upon demand by the CCP or face severe punishment. Does it seem likely the CCP would ignore anti-CCP protests at UMBC? Or is it more likely that the CCP would compel someone like Weijian Shan to shut down their exercise of free speech?

(It is important to distinguish here that the evil, tyrannical CCP does not represent the freedom-loving Chinese people, like the NFSC. Americans should stand with these Chinese people against the CCP.)

The UMBC incident is a textbook example of the CCP’s modus operandi as explained in Unrestricted Warfare (超限戰), written by People’s Liberation Army colonels Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui in 1999, laying out plans to defeat the U.S. without direct confrontation.

“The Era of ‘strong and brave soldiers who are historic defenders of the nation’ has already passed,” wrote Liang and Xiangsui. “It is likely that a pasty-faced scholar wearing thick eyeglasses is better suited to be a modern soldier than is a strong young lowbrow with bulging biceps.”

The Chinese Whistleblowers are able to identify alleged CCP spies in our midst

Shan typifies the 5th-Generation Warfare soldier, capable of doing more damage than a conventional soldier could. The U.S. must wake up and understand that the CCP is destroying our nation from the inside via “pasty-faced scholars,” fawning businessmen, and compromised U.S officials.

The good news is that the people who best understand unrestricted warfare are the “civilian warriors” who escaped communist China. As victims of the world’s biggest crime syndicate, the Chinese people, as represented by the NFSC, recognize the CCP’s perpetrators. They are the civilian-soldier opposition that the CCP fears. It’s time we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them and win this war.

Kelly John Walker is an American statesman, writer, branding professional, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of FreedomTalk, host of FreedomTalk TV, and a freelance writer.


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