Schiff Not Happy: ‘McCarthy Wants Trump to Get a Pass’

On Thursday, Representative Adam Schiff appeared on MSNBC’s “The Last Word” and wailed that he couldn’t even stomach listening to Speaker Kevin McCarthy discuss “equal justice,” in reference to McCarthy telling reporters, “We’re not coming here to defend President Trump. We’re coming to defend equal justice.” The California Congressman declared, “There was Kevin McCarthy saying I’m […]

Exculpatory Evidence: Is Miles Guo Being Denied Due Process?

The “fox hunt” for prominent Chinese dissident, Mr. Miles Guo reads like a Cold War-era spy novel. Indeed, the U.S. is in a high-stakes cold war against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) with the tendrils of their malign influence pervading our legal system like a cancer. That infiltration raises the question as to whether or […]