RuPaul Drag Show Offers Free Tickets to Children Under 8YO for ‘After Hours’ Performance

For years Conservatives have been warning that the LGBTQ+ movement is coming for your children, and for years we have been called bigots and homophobes for it. Yet, here we are in 2022, and the flashing neon warning is brighter than ever.

The RuPaul’s Drag Race franchise in the United Kingdom is now offering free tickets to children 8-years-old and younger to attend an “after hours” performance alongside a paying adult.

What parent in their right mind would allow their young child to attend a sexualized drag show?? As an adult, if you want to attend such a show then by all means, do you thing. However, to subject impressionable children to such degeneracy is mind-boggling and borderline child abuse.

The RuPaul’s Drag Con website’s FAQ section plainly states that “[k]ids 8 and under are free when accompanied by an adult with a ticket”.

“Kids will be let in during All Star hours if the adult has a All Star ticket,” the the FAQ continues. “This ticket does not include entrance to any separate DragCon After Hours Parties, unless the adult has a separate ticket for After Hours as well [sic].”

Of course the website also insists that the drag queen show “is an all-ages, family friendly event.”

No. Drag queen shows are not a family friendly event. They are quite the opposite as they quite literally promote homosexual lifestyles and are very confusing to children who should not be learning anything about sex or sex lives.

“Drag shows are highly sexualized performances for adults only and therefore do not constitute suitable entertainment for school-age children,” declared Family Education Trust senior researcher, Piers Shepherd.“It is shocking that children under the age of eight will be given free tickets to this performance.”

He added, “This raises serious concerns about safeguarding and the sexualization of children.”

As The Rev’d Calvin Robinson tweeted, “Why would an after hours drag show offer free tickets for children? Under-eights get free entry to the evening shows. They’re actively encouraging the sexualisation of children. There used to be a word for that…”

I believe that word is “pedophilia.”

We live in a world filled to the brim with evil that takes great pleasure in sexualizing children. That is NOT something we can allow to be normalized. Make evil hide in the shadows again rather than prancing through the streets with candy for your children.


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