Rep. Perry Asks if ‘Pandemic Is Over, Why is Spending Still at Pandemic Levels?’

On Thursday, GOP Rep. Scott Perry appeared on Fox News Channel’s “Your World” and raised some serious questions about increasing the debt ceiling and massive spending within the Biden Administration.

He noted argued that there should not be a grant to increase the debt ceiling with an agreement to spending cuts, and noted that President Joe Biden has declared the covid-19 pandemic to be over but spending has still remained at pandemic levels.

Why is that?

“Well, look, Kevin McCarthy has gone to the president, said, look, I’m willing to talk about it, but we can’t maintain the status quo,” Perry told host Neil Cavuto. “In 2019, we were spending about $4.5 trillion. In 2020, that turned out to about $6.5 trillion. And it has stayed up there ever since then, even though President Biden has declared the pandemic over. If the pandemic is over, why are we spending at pandemic levels? It seems like a reasonable question.”

“And saying that you’re not going to negotiate is irresponsible,” he added. “The American people are being crushed by this inflation, which is being caused by this unbelievable, unsustainable spending by this administration. And having conversations about it is the right thing, and it’s the right thing to do now. Don’t wait until we get to the deadline. If we do, that will be on President Biden, not the House of Representatives.”

Yes, Americans ARE being crushed with the rising inflation. A trip to the grocery store costs double what it did under former President Donald Trump, and I don’t even want to talk about the gas or electric prices we are seeing.

With Joe Biden in the White House, and the House and Senate at a Democrat majority, they took the reins and ran ahead full steam with whatever nonsense spending they could. Now that Republicans have taken back the House, the left’s open road dash has hit a road block. Once the GOP takes the Senate back, that road will be nearly impassable.

The Biden Administration had been sending money to other countries faster than we can print it….which, by the way, is diminishing the value of the dollar. Instead of dropping pallets of cash in foreign lands, we should be securing our borders and fixing the finances and state of our own country. If we do not put America first, then before long, America will end up last. That is not a position we want to be in.


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