Maher Blames Dems for Santos Scandal: He Appealed to Left’s Love of ‘Victimhood’ & ‘Identity Politics’

HBO host Bill Maher, once a die-hard liberal, has found himself standing on more of a middle ground in politics over the last couple years. I have joked before that he has been red-pilled, but I don’t think it’s a joke anymore.

During his first show of the year, Maher discussed scandal-plagued Representative George Santos, who admitted only after being elected in November that he lied about numerous things, including his work history, being Jewish, and having a college education. As he told The New York Post, “My sins here are embellishing my résumé.”

While acknowledging that Republicans are to blame for Santos being elected, Maher argued that Democrats are also equally to blame because the congressman duped both sides due to the “tribalism” of modern day politics.

Santos appealed to Democrats by lying about his charity work and appealing to their love of victimhood by spinning a tale about being a gay, Jewish man whose “grandparents fled Ukraine to escape the Nazis.” He also told them that he had a brain tumor and claimed to be one of the first people in New York to be hospitalized for Covid.

At the same time, he appealed to Conservatives by lying about being a star on Wall Street and vocalizing his support of former President Donald Trump’s election fraud claims.

He knew that the right lies, at the right time, would win him the support of both sides and liken his chances of being elected….which worked out exactly as he planned.

Maher said, “The giveaway here is that Santos’ district is Long Island, New York, suburb of Manhattan, not as liberal, but almost always went Democratic. Biden won it by eight points, so how did a Trump loving, election denying, and white nationalist get elected in a Democrat-leaning district? Simple. He told them what they wanted to hear too. What do liberals love? Identity politcs and victimhood, so he said he had a brain tumor and he was one of the first New Yorkers hospitalized for Covid. He said he lost four coworkers in the famous Pulse Nightclub shooting in 2016. He’s from Brazil, which is overwhelmingly Catholic, but when he ran in New York, he said he was Jewish and in fact his grandparents fled Ukraine to escape the Nazis. That’s right. His Jewish, Ukrainian forefathers escaped the Holocaust by being born Catholic in Brazil.”

He continued, “Nobody cares anymore about substance. It’s all tribalism. The only thing that matters is: is he on our team? Is he doing our schtick?”

Maher added, “Republicans love a winner and Democrats love someone whose life story makes you want to kill yourself.”




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