Rep. Jim Jordan Shoots Down Support for Speaker: ‘No Chance’

On Tuesday, Republican Rep. Jim Jordan shot down any hope of him being elected Speaker of the House after Republicans failed to unite and elect Rep. Kevin McCarthy.

When asked if there was any chance of him becoming the speaker, Jorden replied with a short and simple, “No.”

“You guys know. I like the ability to cross examine witnesses and get the truth for the country,” he said, noting that he would like to chair the Judiciary Committee. “So that’s what I’m focused on.”


McCarthy was endorsed by former President Donald Trump, yet he only received 203 of the 218 votes he needed to win the seat. There are 222 Republicans in the House.

Although he is not running for speaker, Jordan still received 20 votes. On the first ballot, he received support as speaker from Reps. Lauren Boebert, Michael Cloud, Mary Miller, and Rep. -elects Anna Paulina Luna, Andy Ogles, and Keith Self.

Despite his lack of interest, many people still support him as speaker. Just a quick search on Twitter shows Americans calling for him to take the position.

One user wrote, “The establishment doesn’t want Jim Jordan as speaker. That’s all we need to know. No to McCarthy! Jim Jordan for SPEAKER!!!”

Another replied to Elon Musk’s call for McCarthy to be speaker and said, “I Think It’s Time For Kevin McCarthy To Step Aside. Congress needs To Restore The Trust Of The American People. Nominate And Elect Jim Jordan As The Next Speaker Of The House. The Only Special Interest Group That Mr. Jordan Would Work For, Would Be For The American People.”

Another person tugged at Jordan’s heartstrings with a reference to Queen Ester in the Bible. The tweet read, “I don’t understand. You are by far the best choice for Speaker. I know you don’t want it but that just makes you an even better choice. Mr. Jordan, stand up and take the baton. It is necessary and needed. For such a time as this…”

Personally, I think Jordan would make a great speaker. Unfortunately, he simply does not want to position.


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