Rep. Higgins to Twitter Execs: ‘Prepare to be Arrested’ for 2020 Election Interference

On Wednesday, Republican Congressman Clay Higgins unleashed fury on former top Twitter executives as they appeared before the House oversight committee to give testimony on the platform’s involvement with the 2020 presidential election.

In the spirit of justice, Higgins told execs James Baker, Vijaya Gadde, and Yoel Roth that they need to prepare to be arrested for interfering with the election.

“The bottom line is that the FBI had the Biden crime family laptop for a year,” he declared. “They knew it was leaking, they knew it would hurt the Biden campaign.”

“So the FBI used its relationship with Twitter to suppress criminal evidence being revealed about Joe Biden one month before the 2020 election,” Higgins continued. .

“You ladies and gentlemen interfered with the United States of America 2020 presidential election, knowingly and willingly,” he asserted. “That’s the bad news. It’s going to get worse.”

“This is the investigation part, later comes the arrest part, your attorneys are familiar with that,” Higgins pressed. “I’d like to spend five hours with these ladies and gentlemen doing depositions surely yet to come”



This hearing was the first of many to come, as the newly-Republican controlled House investigates the corruption surrounding the Biden family and the 2020 election.

GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene also blasted Roth for allowing child exploitation to have a safe-space on Twitter, and advocating for teens to use the gay hookup app, Grinder.

Check it out:

“I’m so glad you’ve lost your jobs. Thank God Elon Musk bought Twitter,” Greene mocked.

“It’s amazing to me Mr. Roth as the head and Trust and Safety at Twitter your ability or should I say inability to remove child porn,” she continued.

“Now here is something that disgusts me about you. In your doctoral dissertation entitled ‘Gay Data,’ you argued that minors should have access to grinder, an adult male gay hook-up app,” Greene asked. “Minors. Really?”

“You know, Elon Musk took over and he banned 44,000 accounts that were promoting child porn,” the congresswoman added. “You permanently banned my Twitter account, but you allowed child porn all over Twitter.”


As if that wasn’t enough of a lashing, Rep. Byron Donalds also laid into the former Twitter executives, suggesting that their censorship of Hunter Biden’s laptop story may have broken federal election laws.
I say good for them. Perhaps we will finally see justice where justice is due…


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