Gov. DeSantis Announces ‘Largest Tax Relief Proposal’ in Florida’s History

On Wednesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced the Mother of All Bills!

In what is being described as the “largest tax relief proposal” in Florida’s state history, DeSantis proposed a bill to include permanent sales tax relief on items like baby and toddler necessities, gas stoves, pet medications, and more.

While speaking in Marion County, the governor pointed out that the Sunshine State has one of the lowest per capita tax burned in the United States, as well as no income tax. He then promised to “keep it that way.”

Man, with talk like that, I say Ron DeSantis for president!

“We also have one of the lowest per capita debt burdens in the country,” he said. “So that’s a massive surplus. We’ve never had anything approaching that in the history of the state of Florida.”

DeSantis then announced the new tax relief proposals for families: “One of the things that we’re going to propose is a permanent tax exemption on all baby and toddler necessities, diapers, baby clothes, shoes, baby wipes, cribs, and strollers.”

“Included in our permanent relief is going to be permanent sales tax exemption for gas stoves,” he continued. “They are trying to take away your gas stove.”

He then declared that it should be an individuals choice as to whether they want to use a gas stove, and blasted the elites that “ultimately want to control the amount of energy you consume.”

“That does not fly in the state of Florida, so we’re not going to let that happen here,” DeSantis vowed, adding that the state will continue to hold a tax holiday on all Energy Star appliances.

“We’re going to continue with our two weeks disaster preparedness sales tax holiday… We’re also — and I think this is going to be really, really good for all — household items under $25 like detergent, TP so all that stuff, no sales tax for items under $25 for one year,” he said.

The permanent sales tax exemption will also include all over-the-counter pet medications, and proposed a one-year sales tax exemption on pet food.

He added, “We also did something this past summer, the first ever Freedom Week tax holiday. And so it was like outdoor equipment tickets for like events or museums or whatever, because we want Floridians to enjoy the summer. It can get a little hot, so we want to be able to provide that. So that was popular, but it was kind of a short period of time. So we’re going to take that Freedom Summer tax holiday and we’re going to make it 15 weeks throughout the summer. So you will save on outdoor activity supplies equipment all summer long. And that’ll save Floridians one quarter of a billion dollars this summer.”

DeSantis estimated that the bill would save Floridians about $2 billion in tax relief.


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