Police: Vegas Woman Shoots, Kills Carjacker with His Own Gun

When you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes! One man learned that the hard way after he attempted to carjack a North Las Vegas woman who sent him to meet his maker.

According to police reports, the woman was on her way to a friend’s house to celebrate “Friendsgiving” on November 19. Although this happened nearly four weeks ago, the police report just recently released.

The woman picked up another female friend on the way, but decided to park near the home where the party was taking place and wait because they were running early.

Shortly after parking, two males in a vehicle pulled up and parked the women in, blocking them from being able to flee. The men exited the vehicle and approached the women with guns drawn. One suspect opened the driver’s door and yanked her out of the car and climbed in.

As the thug attempted to start the car, he sat his gun in his lap, and his companion hopped in the passenger the side. However, he was struggling to start the vehicle as it required a button to be pressed to put the car in drive and he couldn’t figure it out.

It was this moment that the woman took her opportunity – grabbed the gun from his lap, and took off running. The suspect chased her down and tackled her. However, she discharged the gun and shot her attacker in the head, killing him on the spot.

Jaylin Morrison, the suspect who climbed into the passenger side, opened fire on the woman so she fled into a nearby yard to hide.

Morrison was arrested two weeks later. He faces numerous charges including, “2nd-degree kidnapping, conspiracy to commit robbery, attempted robbery with a deadly weapon, burglary with the use of a deadly weapon, and attempted grand larceny of a vehicle.”

Fox 5 Vegas reports:

On November 19th, a woman told detectives she went to pick up her friend on their way to a Friendsgiving. The woman said the pair was too early to the party, so they decided to park near the house on San Miguel Avenue and Coleman Street to wait. Arrest report documents note she said she noticed a vehicle approach them fast.

She said the suspects parked directly in front of her car blocking it. She told detectives two black males got out of the vehicle with guns pointed at the women. The men yelled at the women to get out of the car. Before she could process what was going on, one of the males opened the driver’s side door and grabbed her by the shirt, yanking her out of the car. One of the men got into the driver’s seat and attempted to drive away but was not able to get the vehicle into drive. The woman said the car requires a button to be pressed to drive the car. The man had trouble doing so and placed his gun in his lap while he attempted to steal the car. The woman told her friend to run.

The report said a second suspect got into the passenger seat and told the first suspect, “Just go.” The woman noticed the suspect wasn’t holding the gun anymore. The report states that she grabbed it out of his lap and ran. Seconds later, the man tackled her from behind. The report said she tried to get the man off but he was holding her tight. That’s when she turned and shot him.

She told detectives she was unsure if she shot him once or twice. The report said the second suspect started shooting at her. The woman ran to a house and hid in a side yard. The woman told detectives the gun was jammed, so she fixed it. The report said she heard what she thought was the second suspect cry out that his friend was shot. She told detectives once she heard sirens she came out and approached the police. The woman was put into handcuffs but later told she was not under arrest.

If you’re going to be stupid, you better be tough!

As one Twitter user wrote, “Darwin Award Winner Number 4,562 this year. Great job, dude.”


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