Chris Christie Blames Trump for ‘Causing Democrats to Keep Winning Elections’

On Sunday, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie appeared on ABC’s “This Week” and declared that former President Donald Trump is the cause of Democrats winning elections.

Christie said, “Bad candidates lose. Good candidates have a chance to win. And Herschel Walker was not a good candidate. And, you know, he wasn’t a good candidate because of a whole variety of issues that we saw that came out during the campaign.”

“Let’s remember a few things,” he continued, “Brian Kemp won by — had 200,000 votes more than Herschel Walker on election night. If you’re Herschel Walker and you don’t win that night, you’re not winning. I mean, Kemp’s endorsement is fine, but it’s the top of the ticket in getting people to stay in that line. Brian Kemp did the best he could for Herschel Walker by beating Stacy Abrams by seven, and if Herschel Walker doesn’t get 50 that night, he’s not getting it.”

Christie added, “And on the Donald Trump side, I mean, you know, we all remember, in 2016, he said, if he got elected, there was going to be so much winning and winning and winning and winning, they’d get sick of winning. None of us knew at the time he was actually talking about the Democrats were going to do all that winning, not the Republicans. And that’s what he’s wrought. And Herschel Walker is his creation.”

He concluded, “He’s got to own the fact that Herschel Walker so vastly underperformed in a state as — as we saw earlier, every other Republican running statewide won, except for Herschel Walker. You know what that tells you? Bad candidate.”

Playing devil’s advocate though, it’s kind of hard to blame Trump for Republicans losing elections when it has been proven that our elections are being tainted with. Thousands of ballots being added in after election hours, thousands of mail-in ballots being “found” after elections are over, Twitter releasing files that prove social media was interfering with elections through censorship….there are simply too many factors pointing towards election fraud for any American to truly feel at peace with the “winner” of any election at this time.


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