Pelosi, Zelensky, Covid: Tucker Carlson Ranks Biden Regime’s Top Lies Of 2022

Tucker Carlson recounted some of what he believes to be the biggest lies told by the Democrat Party and the federal government over the course of 2022 in one of the last editions of his show this year.

“So here, ladies and gentlemen, are our favorite lies of 2022,” Carlson announced. “We had an awful lot to choose from in making tonight’s list from Paul Pelosi’s late night crime scene to the endless propaganda about the Ukraine war, to the million non-existent Americans who actually didn’t get new jobs in the third quarter of the year.”

“No, Russia did not blow up its own pipelines,” Carlson continued. “That explosion was the work of the Biden administration. They signed off on it and we can tell you that tonight with confidence.”

Carlson said, “The only remaining question is, now that we know for a fact that Joe Biden intentionally released more carbon into the atmosphere than any human in recorded history, can you continue to lecture the rest of us about global warming? We’re thinking, oh, yeah, he can.”

“Biden certainly is the main qualification for doing that – soullessness,’ Carlson noted. “This is a man who showered with his own daughter, who smiles when he’s mad. This man will say literally anything.”

The Fox News host further noted, “If the Chinese military unleashed a deadly manufactured flu virus on the world, Joe Biden would blame you for it and actually, he did.”

“People are dying of COVID, Joe Biden told us, because you have questions about an experimental mRNA shot that doesn’t really work and whose long-term effects we can’t know,” Carlson said. “You are the criminal here, not the Chinese government, because you’re ‘unvaccinated.’ You must be punished. That was the message from the White House picked up and eagerly disseminated by Biden’s equally soulless stooges in the media.”

The Fox News host claimed that vaccinated people are four times as likely hospitalized for Covid as unvaccinated people, a statement corroborated by the CDC.

Carlson went on to critique the business media, stating, “They fell in love with Sam Bankman-Fried. They wanted to be Sam Bankman-Fried. They told us Sam Bankman-Fried was the new J.P. Morgan.”

The segment concluded with Carlson highlighting Janet Yellen’s claim that the last year of inflation under Joe Biden has been “transitory.” 

“So, Merry Christmas much-lied-to American people,” Carlson concluded. “At least you know who we’re dealing with now. The good news is we can still be happy. Happiness is a gift from God, and even the Biden administration can’t take it away.”

This news and commentary by Gabriel Keane originally appeared on Valiant News.


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