MSNBC Edits Article Calling TPUSA ‘MAGA Cult’, Hispanic Republicans ‘Allies’ of White Nationalists

MSNBC has edited an article written by Julio Ricardo Varela accused Hispanic Republicans of “provid[ing] cover for their white nationalist allies” and TPUSA of being “a MAGA white supremacist cult” after Turning Point USA sent a cease and desist to the liberal outlet.

TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk wrote on Twitter that Varela and MSNBC’s claims were false and misleading.

Kirk tweeted that “TPUSA’s legal team has issued a Cease and Desist demanding that MSNBC immediately issue a retraction & apology for platforming these reckless and defamatory statements”.

The cease and desist letter sent to MSNBC alleged that Varela’s article “has no surrounding context for” the “baseless” assertion that TPUSa “is a ‘MAGA white supremacist cult.'” TPUSA charged that it “will not tolerate your reckless and defamatory statements and demands that you issue a retraction immediately.”

Supporters of TPUSA maintain that Varela’s article was libelous in nature due to its accusations involving white supremacists which were not backed up with any evidence or proof.

At this point in time it remains unclear as to whether or not MSNBC will issue an apology or retraction for publishing Varela’s piece due to potential legal ramifications if they were found guilty of libel themselves.

However, it remains clear that the outlet was willing to change the language in an apparent bid to placate TPUSA.

Mediaite reports that the article was updated “only hours” after Kirk posted the cease and desist letter to social media, and that the outlet is “now replacing previous language by accusing Kirk of expressing concern over the ‘diminishing and decreasing white demographics in America,’ and pushing ‘the white nationalist belief of great replacement theory.'”

This news and commentary by Analise Morrow originally appeared on Valiant News.


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