Lori Lightfoot Dethroned – Immediately Blames Loss on Racism And Sexism

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot faced eight other challengers on Tuesday for re-election, in which she came in third place and lost her bid at a second term.

That’s right. Lightfoot has been dethroned as the mayor of ‘Gotham City.’

With Lightfoot out of the picture, Chicago Public Schools CEO and city budget director Paul Vallas and Cook County Board of Commissioners member Brandon Johnson will now advance to the April 4 runoff, where they will face off to become the next mayor of Chicago. Neither candidate reached the 50% necessary to win the election outright.

Lightfoot rushed to blame her loss on sexism and racism, claiming that her not being re-elected is being she is a “black woman in America.”

Girl, what?? Maybe the reason is because in just 2021 alone, homicides in Chicago were at their HIGHEST numbers in 25 years!! The homicides actually exceeded other crime-infested cities like New York City and Los Angeles.

According to New York Post, reporters asked Lightfoot if she felt she had been treated unfairly and she replied, “I’m a black woman in America. Of course.”

She described being the mayor as “the honor of a lifetime.”

Lightfoot added, “Regardless of tonight’s outcome, we fought the right fights and we put this city on a better path,” and encouraged other mayors not to fear being bold.

Her comments on election night also echoed statements she made to the New Yorker over the weekend, in which she said, “I am a Black woman,” and “Let’s not forget: certain folks, frankly, don’t support us in leadership roles.”

Lightfoot made history in 2019 as the first black woman and openly gay person to serve as mayor in Chicago. However, her popularity quickly fell after the city was torn apart by a major spike in crime under her authority.

It is always interesting to see just how quickly the left is to blame the “isms” (racism, sexism, etc) for their failures, rather than to take their own actions into consideration.

As Larry Elder pointed out, she also made history on Tuesday by “becoming the city’s first mayor in 40 yrs – of any color, either gender, gay or straight – not to win re-election.”

In case you missed it, here’s Tucker Carlson’s final roast of Lightfoot as mayor:

And Ben Shapiro’s thoughts on the “intersectional Sméagol who has used her race and sexual orientation as both the sword and shield for her garbage politics.”


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