Ana Navarro Claims Trump and his Minions ‘Trying to Extort American Legal System’

According to ABC The View’s Ana Navarro, former President Donald Trump and “his minions” are trying to “extort the American legal system.”

She told her co-hosts on Monday, “It really bothers me, though, to hear Trump and his minions talk about trying to extort the American legal system, try to extort the American people, threaten them, be thugs about it and say, if you arrest me, there’s going to be protests.

If you arrest me, there’s going to be bedlam. Then people go on this, you know, kind of echo this message and say, you know, you shouldn’t arrest him because it’s going to embolden his supporters.

It’s all a political prosecution. No, what would be political is to not prosecute somebody who’s committed a crime and who has been indicted just because he’s a former president.”

She continued whining, “That’s not what we do in this country. That’s what happens in places like Cuba, like Nicaragua, like North Korea. In the United States, the thing that sets us apart is that nobody is above the law. So if you broke the crime, you pay the time.”

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg chimed in, “You would be in jail as you were talking about. You can’t do these things. Either we’re all going to be held accountable, or nobody is going to be held accountable.”

It’s funny that Goldberg would mention everyone being held accountable or no one being held accountable, when none of the Biden family has faced any sort of accountability for their actions.

Now that I think about it, neither did Hillary Clinton, or a mountain of other Democrats.

If she really wants to talk about being held accountable, she needs to go back several years and start from the top, not just use that as a half-brained argument to justify the possibility of Trump being arrested.


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