Gov. DeWine Calls on Biden to Visit East Palestine: ‘He Should Come’

On Thursday, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine appeared on Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends and called on President Joe Biden to visit East Palestine to see the ecological disaster caused by last month’s train derailment and toxic chemical spill.

Host Brian Kilmeade asked DeWine is he believes Biden “should come down and see it, and are you offended he hasn’t?”

“Look, he should come,” the governor replied. “There is no doubt about it. The president needs to come. The people want to see the president. He should be there.”

When asked if the president ever revealed why he has not come to Ohio yet, DeWine explained that the last time he spoke to Biden was when he was overseas addressing issues in Ukraine, and noted that he has spoke to Biden “several times,” but he did not say if Biden offered a reason for his lack of presence.

DeWine said, “I think now is the time. The president needs to come. It’s just important, you know, I have been there four times. I was there within a matter of two days after it occurred. Our people have been on the ground since, you know, two hours after it started. I will say that, you know, the EPA was there. They were there about the same time our people got there. We have our health department, our EPA there. So we are there. The message to people in the community is we are staying, we are not going to. We are staying with you and we’re gonna continue to work on this problem.”


I think it is quite absurd that Biden denied DeWine’s request for federal aid to deal with the catastrophe, and then went to Ukraine and offered ANOTHER aid package paid for by American taxpayers.

There are Americans suffering on American soil, but Biden cares more about Ukraine and their war with Russia than he does helping the people he represents.

How sad.


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