GA Lt. Gov. Duncan Accuses Trump of ‘Brainwashing’ Conservative Base

As a Georgia native, I have followed Georgia Lt. Gov Geoff Duncan for the last few years because he originally seemed like a decent politician. However, as time goes on, I see him for what he really is: a RINO.

On Tuesday, Duncan appeared on CNN and claimed that former President Donald Trump has “brainwashed” the Republican base to “think conservatism is angry-ism.”

Political commentator Alyssa Farah Griffin said, “You’ll remember in 2014 when the Senate race was going in Georgia, Herschel Walker emerged as a great surrogate for a credible Republican candidate. So there is a place for celebrities who want to get involved in politics. But you have no business being in the world’s greatest deliberative body if you can’t name basic policy positions, or you are clearly unclear about where you stand on the abortion issue, one of the most important issues facing our country.”

Host Anderson Copper inquired, “What do you make of Walker as a candidate?”

Duncan replied, “I’ve been very vocal about this. Not because I don’t want Republicans to have majorities, but candidate quality does matter. I think long term this is actually a benefit for Republicans if we take this as a medicine, and we pivot and go find folks who can really lead.”

“At this point, Republicans want the air cover of a real leader,” he continued. “They want someone to step up in ’24 that is actually someone they can attach their brand to and distance themselves from Donald Trump and once again be a conservative. Donald Trump has confused everybody, maybe even brainwashed the conservative base to think conservatism is somehow angry-ism. It’s not angry. It is a very articulate way to make smaller government, safer borders, foreign policy that matters. Those are things conservatives want again.”

WATCH (skip to 2:52 for relevant portion):

I wonder if Duncan has ever stopped to think that maybe we aren’t angry because we have been “brainwashed.” Maybe we are angry because we have been called every name in the book as our election was corruptly stolen from us, and now we are told to sit down and shut up as the left and their RINO counterparts ruin our country.

That is why we are angry, Geoff.


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