White House Dismisses Twitter Files as a ‘Distraction – ‘Old News’

On Friday evening, Twitter CEO Elon Musk honored his promise to release the “Twitter files” showing the widespread collusion between big tech, media, and Democrats.

In a thread of tweets shared via journalist Matt Taibbi, Americans have now seen proof of the major censorship and suppression regarding the Hunter Biden laptop story just before the 2020 presidential election.

So what does the White House think about being exposed? They know, and they just do not care. To them it is “old news” and a “distraction” for Americans who are obviously too stupid to understand how this was somehow for the greater good. *SARCASM*

White House press secretary Karine Jean Pierre told reporters on Monday that the files are “full of old news, if you think about it.”

However, she conveniently ignored a question on Biden’s views when it comes to big tech companies censoring stories on his family’s behalf. She instead accused Musk of trying to create a “distraction.”

Is she really trying to gaslight the entire country right now?


“An interesting or a coincidence, if I may, that he would so haphazardly — Twitter would so haphazardly push this distraction,” Jean-Pierre said, noting a “rising volume of anger, hate, and antisemitism on their platform.”

She then claimed Musk is “letting it happen.”

Jean-Pierre continued, “Look, what is happening, it’s not — it’s — frankly, it’s not healthy,” she said. “It won’t do anything to help a single American improve their lives.”

“It’s rhetoric. It’s hate. And all of the vile language that we have been hearing, which is incredibly dangerous, this past couple of weeks,” she added.

The Twitterphere is buzzing with people expressing their anger frustration over Jean-Pierre’s response:

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert wrote, “The White House says that the Twitter censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop is “old news”. These are the same people still trying to get Trump after six years. Give me a break.”

She makes a valid point!

Donald Trump Jr. chimed in, “The main stream media pretending that the hunter Biden laptop is now conveniently “old news” shows that there was absolutely no difference between the main stream media and the extreme bias that was going on at Twitter and other similar tech platforms.”

Jean-Pierre is right about one thing I suppose: at this point, the censorship IS old news because Conservatives have been sounding the alarm more than two years now. This is not “new” news, but rather hard evidence showing that our “conspiracies” are actually truth.


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