Kathy Griffith on Twitter Ban: ‘I was Going to Quit Anyway’

“Comedian” Kathy Griffith rose to infamy in 2017 by harnessing her hatred for former President Donald Trump, when she shared a photo holding a mask made to look like his severed head. Ever since then, she has been trying claw her way back out of the blacklisted pit that her actions buried her in. Fast-forward to 2022, Griffith is still trying to save face and once again make herself seem like more than just an insignificant background character.

After being banned from Twitter in November for impersonating Twitter CEO Elon Musk, she is pining for the last laugh by writing an article on Newsweek claiming she was “planning to leave Twitter” anyway.

Griffith wrote in her Newsweek editorial, “I was planning to leave Twitter after the midterms because it had just gotten too ‘Musk-y.'”

“Then, on November 6, Elon Musk suspended me from Twitter for impersonating him―I changed my account name to Elon Musk and tweeted pro-choice comments and “#VoteBlueToProtectWomen.” Enough people clearly thought it was real,” she continued.

The Guardian reported:

Twitter’s new owner announced an immediate ban on accounts pretending to be someone else without flagging them as parodies. The move resulted in the removal of an “Elon Musk” account held by the comedian Kathy Griffin, who had changed her account name to match that of the Tesla chief executive.

Musk tweeted: “Going forward, any Twitter handles engaging in impersonation without clearly specifying “parody” will be permanently suspended.” He added that there would be “no warning” before suspensions are imposed and that any name change would result in people losing their blue tick – which verifies who they are.

Griffin had tweeted about the US midterm elections under Musk’s name, with one tweet saying: “After much spirited discussion with the females in my life. I’ve decided that voting blue for their choice is only right (They’re also sexy females, btw.) #VoteBlueToProtectWomen”. Musk tweeted about the account ban, saying Griffin had been removed for “impersonating a comedian” but could have her account back for $8.

Griffith continued, “He then tweeted a “joke” about me, before deciding on November 18 that he would reinstate me with, wait for it, Jordan Peterson and Babylon Bee. He even name-checked Donald Trump in the same tweet. Musk misspelled my name, on purpose I guess. That doesn’t bother me, but please, Elon, don’t put my name in the company of white supremacists like Trump.”

She whined, “So, I contacted the folks at Post, the new social media app, and I’m there now. I’m also trying TikTok and we’ll see if a new type of Twitter emerges, because I do like having a platform that is more word-oriented. I was shamefully addicted to Twitter, it was hard for me not to keep checking it. But I do feel saddened, because whatever this “Hitler 2.0″ situation that I feel here we’re dealing with, it’s so pervasive.”

“One of the reasons I stayed on Twitter is that I know a lot of the folks followed me for the fun pop culture stuff. So I couldn’t help but throw in, “Let’s see if we can vote for Stacey Abrams, my friends in Georgia.” But I do feel like we’re living in an invasion of the body snatchers over here. It’s nuts,” Griffith added.

I do not know of anyone, personally, who followed Kathy for “fun pop culture stuff.” In fact, most people I know find her repulsive. So I am not sure what fairytale land she is living in thinking that she had some massive fan base.

It’s embarrassing, really, that she wrote a whole article to “stick it to the man” and let Musk know that she was going to leave Twitter anyway. Girl, wash your face and do some self reflection. You need it.


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