Climate Hysteria Pt. 1: Why This Scientist Doesn’t Buy It

“They’re really beating a dead horse now, and so they’re actually coming back with another approach…They’re now trying to say climate change is actually a health emergency… Maybe we’ll do what we did with Covid for climate…I don’t think climate change is going to do it, in terms of convincing people to surrender more freedom […]

Gov. DeSantis Bans Central Bank Digital Currency in Sunshine State

On Friday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed legislation to ban Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) in the state of Florida. He’d teased doing so earlier this year, but now the governor has effectively done it! He said while speaking at the Florida Public Safety Academy at Fort Myers Technical College, that he will protect the financial […]

JCN’s Ortiz: Biden Has Given Blue-Collar Americans a ‘Black Eye’

On Wednesday, Job Creators Network president and CEO Alfredo Ortiz appeared on Fox Business Network’s “Cavuto” and slammed President Joe Biden’s “dysfunctional economy” for giving working class, blue-collar workers a “black eye.” Ortiz asserted, “We were excited to actually erect this billboard, a huge billboard over Time Square, to point out the dysfunctional economy that Joe Biden has […]

Japan Breaks with U.S. Allies, Buys Russian Oil Above $60-a-Barrel Cap

Over the last week, Brazil and China announced that they will no longer be trading in U.S. dollars, but rather using their own currency instead. Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Iran have since followed suit. This means serious trouble for the United States, as this will cause our dollar to collapse and our economy to go […]

Former Treasury Secretary Warns of Dollar Collapse, ‘Raging Inflation’

Former assistant secretary of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Monica Crowley, who served under Donald Trump, is sounding the alarm on a possible collapse of the U.S. dollar. She explained that if Saudi Arabia were to begin trading oil in currencies other than the U.S. dollar, we would see a “complete implosion” of both […]

Maxine Waters Defends Trump: ‘Too Early to Blame SVB Collapse’ on Former President

Are the pigs flying? Did hell freeze over? Something is going on! Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters actually defended former President Donald Trump! Something I’d have NEVER seen coming. On Monday, the House Financial Services Committee Ranking Member appeared on CBS’ “Red & Blue” and argued that while she has not come to a conclusion on […]