TUCKER: There Is ‘No Limit’ To Ukraine Aid For ‘Geriatric’ D.C. Elite As Our Economy Dies

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson critiqued the Washington elite’s fixation on Ukraine, and inability to influence countries such as China with dated threats and rhetoric, on Thursday night’s edition of his cable TV program.

“It’s been a great system in most ways, but for many reasons, including the passage of time, that system is dying,” Carlson said. “What comes next is not entirely clear, but how to influence it to America’s greatest possible advantage is the most important task that faces any U.S. government. Nothing else comes close to that.”

The Fox host noted, “Sadly, the Biden administration, geriatric and irrational in its best moments, is not up to that task. No one in the White House even seems aware that the architecture of the world is changing.”

Carlson went on to state that the administration calls “themselves progressives, but the Biden people think it’s 1961 when American power seemed unlimited. Just today, our elderly Treasury secretary scolded the Chinese government like a tardy servant.”

“Pretty amazing to watch, a lady who’s never been in a fistfight ordering the Chinese military around like she owns it,” Carlson said. “You can imagine the laughter in Beijing tonight. Next, we’ll have Admiral Rachel Levine wagging his perky finger at Chairman Xi. Surrender your arms, China, because transwomen are women.”

Carlson noted that scenarios such as these are “all pretty amusing until you realize it’s real.”

“At this point, there is no limit to the war in Ukraine,” Carlson concluded. “It is all that matters. The war in Ukraine is the focus of the entire U.S. government, all branches, both parties. It is also, as our own economy degrades as huge companies lay off thousands, the war in Ukraine is one of our main expenses.”

Meanwhile, Republicans aligned with Biden have introduced a resolution that would see a bust of Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky placed permanently at the U.S. Capitol.

This news and commentary by Gabriel Keane originally appeared on Valiant News.


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