JCN’s Ortiz: Biden Has Given Blue-Collar Americans a ‘Black Eye’

On Wednesday, Job Creators Network president and CEO Alfredo Ortiz appeared on Fox Business Network’s “Cavuto” and slammed President Joe Biden’s “dysfunctional economy” for giving working class, blue-collar workers a “black eye.”

Ortiz asserted, “We were excited to actually erect this billboard, a huge billboard over Time Square, to point out the dysfunctional economy that Joe Biden has presided over the past couple of years. And in particular a focus on the drop of real wages for the American worker, 24 consecutive months in fact, so we just can’t afford four more years of failed policies.”

Guest host David Asman chimed in, “And yet President Biden yesterday tweeting out, ‘My economic plan is a blue-collar blueprint to rebuild America. It is for you.’ I mean the idea he is appealing to the blue collar, which have because of inflation, lost real income is a little high-handed, no?”

Ortiz replied, “It is completely high-handed. I mean the blue-collar has a black eye thanks to him. Like I said when you look at the groceries alone, people just can’t afford groceries so how are we going to afford four more years of this policies? I mean it just has to stop.”


Many people responded to Biden’s tweet, referenced by Asman, blasting him for being a liar.

One person tweeted, “Your economic plan is to destroy the middle class. Your other plan is to further division, which is the opposite of what you promised. Hope the students you lied to about canceling their tuition debt, remember that when 11/24 rolls around.”

Another user replied, “No, you are doing the exact opposite. While you continue to lie about progress, none of us has seen or felt any of it. We are no longer a super power and our enemies are building up alliances that will inevitably crush our country.”

Yet another pointed out, “Your economic plan is to charge blue-collar workers more for their Mortage because they are responsible and maintain good credit! Doesn’t seem like a great plan to me!”


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