Biden Accidentally Blurts: ‘Iran Deal Dead but We Aren’t Going to Announce It’

If there is one person in the world who should not have any sort of security clearance or access to top secret information, it is probably Hillary Clinton. However, right behind her at a close second is President Joe Biden.

In a new viral video, Biden accidentally blurts out that the nuclear deal with Iran “is dead” and added that the United States won’t make a formal announcement about it.

Until now, that is…

In the clip that was recorded on November 4, Biden is asked about the status of the deal by a group of Iranian Americans called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

“President Biden, would you please announce that the JCPOA is dead?” a woman asks, and Biden replies, “No.”

When they continued to question why, he answered: “for a lot of reasons.”

ANDDDD then the bombshell:

“It is dead but we’re not going to announce it,” Biden announced, “long story.”

The woman can then be heard off camera stating they they “just don’t want any deals with the mullahs, they don’t represent us.They are not our government.”

Biden quipped back, “I know they don’t represent you, but they will have a nuclear weapon that they will represent.”

Former President Donald Trump withdrew from the Iran deal in 2018…and Biden’s statement finally confirms that the his administration likely sees it as a sunken ship.

New York Post reports:

The Iran nuclear deal was brokered at the end of President Barack Obama’s second term after US and Israeli covert operations attempted for years to subvert the theocratic anti-Western regime’s path to a nuclear weapon.

Opponents of the deal, including Trump, said it didn’t do enough to halt nuclear advances while freeing up cash for Tehran to finance allied fighters and terrorists across the Middle East. The 45th president pulled the US out of the agreement, which also counts China, France, Germany, Great Britain and Russia as parties, in 2018.

Under Biden, US negotiators met with Iranian and European officials in Vienna to discuss renewing the deal, but walked away in August without an agreement after the White House called on Iran to restore compliance with the Obama-era pact.

In recent months, Iran has supplied Russia with drones to assist in Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, with the White House warning earlier this month that the two nations were building a “full-fledged defense partnership.”

United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) policy director Jason Brodsky also shared the video and told told Newsweek that Biden’s comments “are a reflection of reality” and the deal, “has been dead for some time.”

“The non-proliferation benefits that the deal promised are not worth the sanctions relief offered,” he added. “The JCPOA is based on a political, geopolitical, and technical reality from 2015 that does not exist anymore. There is also no sustainable political constituency in the United States to keep it alive.”

Brodsky also noted that Iranian Leader Ali Khamenei hasn’t even been interested in rekindling the deal for two years now.

So why wouldn’t the Biden Administration just announce it, then?


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