‘WokeAF’ Moodie-Mills: Not Indicting Trump Will ‘Turn U.S. into Banana Republic’

On Saturday, “WokeAF” podcast host Danielle Moodie Mills appeared on MSNBC’s “Symone” and declared that the United States will turn into a “banana republic” if former President Donald Trump is not indicted.

Moodie-Mills told viewers, “I think what we saw from the bipartisan January 6 House Committee is, in fact, a thorough investigation and using Trump’s own people, in their own words, to lay out exactly the fact that, guess what, this was not just an act of happenstance, of people getting caught up in the moment, that this was a plan, a strategic attack on our Capitol building and our democracy directed by the president of the United States.”

The podcaster continued, “The job of the January 6 Committee was to bring this to the public record, was to bring it to the forefront and say that this was not an accident.

This was not, like, a lone wolf incident, and people got caught up in emotion. They were directed and they were weaponized. We knew that Donald Trump knew that those crowds of people had weapons. What did he say? They are not here to harm me.”

He said that because he knew the people were angry about the injustice happening. We knew that the 2020 election was not fair and that social media had been censoring us. That is why people were there. To show how angry they were with the corrupt government and media…. not to attack the man who was bringing all of their sins to light.

Moodie-Mills added, “So, I think that right now, the ball is in Merrick Garland and Jack Smith’s hands to decide whether or not this is something America is going to shrug off and turn us into a banana republic, or something that they are going to take action on and ensure that democracy will still hold.”

The term “banana republic” was coined in 1904 by American author O. Henry. He used it to describe a “fictional nation that was poor and politically unstable, inspired by his experiences living in Honduras.”

Ironic for Moodie-Mills to use the term to describe the country if Trump isn’t indicted when we are already straddling the line of living in a politically unstable country. Joe Biden sitting in the White House is already a great indicator of that.


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