Whitmer Says DeSantis Echoing Kremlin – ‘Dangerous for Our National Security’

On Friday, borderline communist Governor Gretchen Whitmer said during a clip aired on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a danger to national security for “using language that is coming out of the Kremlin.”

That’s rich coming from the dictator of Michigan who ruled with an iron fist the entirety of covid-lockdown….heavy on the lockdown.

In the interview preview, which will air on Sunday, host Jen Psaki said, “I asked her, you know Ron DeSantis made several comments that over the course, well actually in a questionnaire to Tucker Carlson, he made these comments where he called it a territorial dispute, which by the way is what Putin calls it. Governor Whitmer said that’s echoing Kremlin talking points.”

Psaki pressed, “Another potential candidate, I guess I will call him, a fellow governor, Ron DeSantis, recently made some comments, well actually he made clear this week, that supporting Ukraine is not a vital national interest to the United States. What do you say to that?”

Whitmer replied, “I am not an expert on geopolitics, but I will say this, I think it is really dangerous when politicians are using language that is coming out of the Kremlin. There’s no question that calling it a territorial dispute is to undermine and downplay the Russian invasion, the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine. And a state that has such a robust Ukrainian population, it is offensive, maddening, and I think is really dangerous for our national security.”

Check it out:

Language coming out of the Kremlin, she says…..So not supporting the United States sending BILLIONS to Ukraine when we have other, more pressing issues, suddenly makes someone “dangerous” and accused of using Kremlin language?

My goodness, the left comes up with some really off the wall stuff. No wonder Senator Joe Manchin inches away from the Democratic Party with every passing day.


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