‘We’re Done!’: Gov. Newsom Tries to Cancel Walgreens Over Abortion Pills

On Monday, California Governor Gavin Newsom pitched a fit over Americans not being able to murder their unborn babies with abortion pills from their local pharmacy.

He declared that the blue state is “done” doing business with Walgreens, and accused the company of bowing “to the extremists” and refusing to sell abortion pills in several red states.

California won’t be doing business with @walgreens— or any company that cowers to the extremists and puts women’s lives at risk. We’re done,” Newsom tweeted:

Newsom’s outrage comes after Walgreens announces that the chain will not be providing abortion pills in 20 Republican states after being warned by numerous attorney generals that they could be breaking the law by knowingly selling the (primarily) mifepristone pills.

“I will enforce the laws as written,” declared Republican Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey in a letter that was also signed by 19 other AGs. “That includes laws protecting the health of women and their unborn children.”

“The FDA rule is in direct violation of federal law, and the unelected bureaucrats at the FDA have no authority to change Missouri law, either,” the letter continued, in reference to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) making the pills more broadly available. 

“The people’s elected representatives have spoken on the issue of abortion in our state, and we will fight to uphold that in court,” Bailey added. 

Reuters reports that a Walgreens spokesperson confirmed that the company opted out of providing the abortion pills in those 20 states following the letter from the attorney generals.

“They said Walgreens intended to become a certified pharmacy and would only dispense in jurisdictions where it was legal to do so,” according to the report. 

Imagine being that upset that women don’t have easy access to a “one-fix” pill to terminate the life inside their wombs.

The woke mob isn’t very smart. Although, I suppose I wouldn’t expect any less from the likes of California.


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