WATCH: Trump Buys Lunch for East Palestine Police, Fire Depts – Delivers Water, Supplies to Residents

While President Joe Biden was giving away money in Ukraine, and First Lady Jill Biden is touring Africa, former President Donald Trump made a plan to visit the Americans suffering in East Palestine, Ohio…..and he delivered!

Although Governor Mike DeWine requested federal aid after a toxic chemical explosion following a train derailment earlier this month, Biden denied aid. Yet, shortly after word got out that Trump was planning a trip to the small town, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) suddenly decided  to deploy services to East Palestine. Imagine that.

On Wednesday, Trump arrived in town to see what he could do to help. After speaking at the nearby fire station, he bough lunch for the police department, fire department, and everyone who was in the East Palestine Mcdonald’s.

“So is everybody willing to accept free food from Trump?” he asked, walking into the McDonald’s.

“We’re going to take care of the fire department, we’re going to take care of the police department, plus the people that are in here. They’re going to get a nice, free meal,” Trump told the cashier.

The 45th president also delivered truckloads of THOUSANDS of bottles of clean drinking water to the residents who have been without clean water since the beginning of February.

Trump also blasted Biden for having the opportunity to visit East Palestine but “chose to go a different route” and flew to Kyiv, Ukraine instead.

“I think he should’ve come here. I think he should’ve been here. He should’ve been here, and he chose to go a different route,” he asserted.

Then Trump blasted U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg for blaming him for the trail disaster, falsely claiming that a proposed rule regarding ECP brakes that the Department of Transportation was withdrawn in 2018.

“It had nothing to do with it,” Trump said. “We’re like a third-world nation, and this is an example of it, the breakdown.”

“Our whole country is breaking down, and [Buttigieg]’s really got to look at the airports because I have people that are taking planes, and they’re delayed. They’re waiting in an airport for three days. It’s crazy what’s happening,” he added, stating that the former Southbend mayor “should have been here [East Palestine] a long time ago.”

When asked about the condition of the water in East Palestine and if it was safe to drink, Trump replied, “It will be safe soon because FEMA is now coming in. FEMA was not coming and now they’re coming in.”

Biden and Trump are the perfect examples of America last, and America first.


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