Don Jr. on Buttigieg: ‘Idiot Can’t Do His Own Job, But Can B*tch About Racism All Day’

Donald Trump Jr., son of former President Donald Trump, went ham and cheese on Biden transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg this week on his negligence regarding the toxic train wreck in East Palestine, Ohio.

Don Jr. told OANN Political Correspondent Daniel Baldwin that “idiot” Buttigieg cries about racist highways but can’t do his actual job. I’d say that’s a fair assessment.

He said, “The highways are apparently racist, according to this idiot. He can’t show up to do his own job, but he can b*tch about racism all day long.”

That was in reference to Buttigieg claiming that underpasses are “too low” and “obviously reflect racism,” before later announcing a $1 billion project to fix the “racially segregated or divided” roadways in America.

In addition, Buttigieg has nearly ignored the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio earlier this month that resulted in an explosion of the hazardous material being carried on several of the train cars during a “controlled release” burn.

Despite the fact that the water, air, and soil has been completely polluted with toxic chemicals – which has also seeped into the Ohio River and killed thousands of fish, pets, and livestock – the secretary is taking “some personal time.”

Don Jr. rightly ripped Buttigieg AND President Joe Biden, who has also ignored Ohio to instead take a trip to Ukraine and pledge $500 million more to their war effort, AFTER denying Gov. Mike DeWine’s request for federal aid.


Trump: We could have built a border wall for $3 billion. We didn’t have the money to do that, but we have money to send $130 billion to Ukraine plus whatever of the $220 billion that the Pentagon “misplaced,” and they can’t account for. Just two very different visions for America; Donald Trump’s America First Vision and Joe Biden and the Democrats’ America Last vision. We see it playing out before our eyes, and there couldn’t be a better example of the insanity that’s going on right now.

Baldwin: If you were an Ohio citizen, how would you feel?

Trump: I’d feel like garbage, as they should, right? Pete Buttigieg is out there talking about somehow white construction workers who are working as being racist. Meanwhile, he’s overseeing transportation disaster after transportation disaster. You have a supply chain crisis. The highways are apparently racist, according to this idiot. He can’t show up to do his own job, but he can b*tch about racism all day long; It’s absolutely insane. 


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