Watch: Trans Activist Flips TPUSA Table, Screams ‘Get the F**k Off My Campus, You Nazi’

On Wednesday, a video posted to twitter showed the moment a transgender activist at the University of Washington had an absolute meltdown over a Turning Point USA (TPUSA) student group on campus.

The activist walked over to the TPUSA group and accused them of supporting “the genocide of trans kids” and then proceeded to flip over their table display before screaming, “Get the fuck off my campus, you Nazi!”

The encounter was filmed by a Turning Point representative, which showed the moment that the man wearing a dress and mask used nasty, explicit language while destroying the Conservative student group’s table display.

Wowza. What a looney toon!

The video begins with the transgender activist already mid-sentence declaring, “Yeah, you just support the genocide of trans kids,” to which a TPUSA representative replies “That’s such an assumption.”

“That’s such an assumption, right, with all of this shit,” the trans activist continues, “What is anti-trans on the table?”

“You’re TPUSA, you dumb bitches. Whatever,” the transgender activist added as he flipped the table and screamed, “Get the fuck off my campus, you Nazi!”


University of Washington spokeswoman Michelle Ma said of the incident in an email, “We are aware of an incident that occurred earlier this week in which an individual flipped over a table being staffed by members of a UW Registered Student Organization, ‘Turning Point USA at UW.’”

She added, “The University of Washington Police Department is in the process of investigating the incident and will pursue appropriate charges, if and when a suspect is identified. Every student and member of our community has a right to peacefully express themselves without fear of intimidation, which is why actions like this are wholly unacceptable.”

At least the college is taking action to find the attacker and isn’t allowing the madness just because he is seemingly transgender.


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