TUCKER: Lindsey Graham Is An ‘Enemy Of Donald Trump,’ Why Is He Campaigning For MAGA?

Tucker Carlson discussed the relationship between Sen. Lindsey Graham and former president Donald Trump during Wednesday night’s edition of his eponymous show on Fox News.

“Lindsey Graham is not a Donald Trump fanboy,” Carlson noted. “Lindsey Graham is an enemy of Donald Trump and we know that not from what he says. Ignore what they say. Watch what they do, always.”

“At one point, Lindsey Graham said Trump’s border wall wasn’t real. It was a metaphor for border security,” Carlson said. “Oh a metaphorical wall. He didn’t want Trump to build an actual wall to prevent actual people from invading an actual country. He wanted a metaphor. OK. How’d that work? 7 million people later, not very well.”

Carlson expanded further on this point, stating “Metaphors don’t secure your country. And then on foreign policy, Graham became apoplectic when Trump said he wanted to withdraw troops from Syria. He called that decision ‘a big win for ISIS’ as if Trump was on the side of ISIS, as if Trump was supporting snuff videos.”

“So, whatever else you say about Lindsey Graham, he is the walking embodiment of neoliberalism,” Carlson said. “Ignore your own people, your own children, your own drug addicts living on the streets, your own dying middle class, in favor of some theoretical act of virtue in a place you know nothing about.”

Carlson then questioned why Graham is campaigning on stage for Donald Trump.

“‘I’m a good person because I’ve helped people I’ve never met, even as my own people die. That is neoliberalism.’ That is Lindsey Graham and yet and here’s where your head starts to spin, this same man is also campaigning on behalf of the America first candidate, Donald Trump. What!”

“Shouldn’t Lindsey Graham be campaigning for people he agrees with, like Mike Pompeo or Nikki Haley?” Carlson asked. “You’d think so, but he was at a Trump rally at exactly the moment that Trump is fighting everything that Lindsey Graham is supporting.”

Carlson concluded, “So, again, for the fifth time, what the hell is this? Why is Lindsey Graham on stage with a man he disagrees with on everything and apparently doesn’t even like?”

This news and commentary by Gabriel Keane originally appeared on Valiant News.


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