The Invasion, a True Trojan Horse: William Vossmeyer Citizen Guest Post

As I am looking into the events happening on our nation’s borders—mainly our Southern border—I want to take an objective look and report on what is presently happening and what the future will hold. We all must take an honest, eyes-wide-open look and receive the best and most reliable sources of intelligence and knowledge we can find.  I consider the border invasion to be the greatest external/internal threat against our national security and freedom.

One of many questions I am asking is, are we being set-up for a great fall, and is this a Trojan horse? I do believe that it is such, a determined methodical plan to bring America to its knees. Following are some of my questions and the best answers to them I can find. What are our mainstream media and political experts reporting? Should we trust them that they are giving us the full, complete and honest report on how dire this situation is?

This is what we are being told. Our nation’s borders are safe and secure and that we need not be concerned. That the mass influx of these migrants is not a threat to us the citizens. That this will be a benefit for our business and our economy. A win for everyone. What is the reality?

The numbers are staggering. The average number of border crossers is about 8,000 to 10,000 per day from Santiago, Ca to Brownsville, TX, Canada and those arriving off of our coasts. These numbers are continuing to increase exponentially. Over 10 million in the past 3 years. The numbers consist of 90 percent single military-age men. Ages ranges from 17 to 35 years of age from 160 nations. This should alarm all of us. There are some families, single mothers with children, and unaccompanied children coming across.

One of the major problems with this is that too many of these people cannot be validated as to who they really are? No passports, no IDs, fake IDs, their true identities cannot always be confirmed. If they have a criminal past or of if they are the true legal guardian for a child that is being brought in. Some of these people have been confirmed to be on our federal terrorist watch list, criminal gang members. Many of these have been allowed to enter into our country with no restrictions. By no means am I calling all these people bad or a threat to our security. Some are looking for economic opportunities, The American Dream. They have all been invited to come, the good the bad and the ugly.

What has happened in Europe is a perfect example of what is happening here. The mass influx of foreigners to many European nations has thrown them into utter chaos. The Elite create refugee crises, shifting populations through war, famine and economic crisis. This is meant to bring social disorder and societal breakdown, causing populations to flee from the crisis just like our citizens fleeing California and other liberal states.  Some of those from Middle Eastern nations have been the cause of many problems as of higher levels of crime and they are not willing to assimilate and want to force the population to submit to their belief system. The mass influx of unregulated immigration has increased a wave of crime and violence such as aggravated assaults, robbery’s, rapes and murders.

Many of these statistics can be found through alternative media sources. This is a real purposeful plan that is happening now.  What is the big picture, the big plan? Globalism? Welcome to 2024, Agenda 2030, the New World Order. The World Economic forum plan. Some of you know where I am going with this. Some do not. This has been a plan that has been devised many years in advanced for a one world government system, a takedown of national statics. Individual loss of sovereign rights and freedom that a centralized power and authority have control over all economies, business. All resources of fuel, water, food production, property land resources and peoples.  184 nations to include the United States have already signed on to surrender their sovereignty to this United Nations control plan.  How will this affect us financially?

This does create a sucking sound on our economy that will prove disastrous. A few years ago it was estimated that over 4 billion dollars a year was being spent for the illegal population, for housing, food, medical care educating and incarcerating the criminal element. Now that the numbers have quadrupling and are growing. Staggering numbers that will cause any nation to collapse. For anyone, especially you politician’s who feel that we owe these hordes of people a great new life here and feel obliged to help them?  Please open your homes take them in, feed them, clothe them, pay for their education and medical care.  Put your money where your mouth is and set the example yourselves. Don’t put this on the public dole. Crickets!

This current administration is involved in the coordination and funding of this crisis. Paying our tax moneys to entities like the United Nations and foreign governments’ to recruit, transport, and feed these invasion forces into the United States.  Once here to pay NGOs, Non-Governmental Agencies/contract agencies provide transportation of luxury buses. Airline transportation anywhere in the states. No passports no IDs, no problem. Nice 300 dollar a night hotels for lodging. This is big money. Getting new cell phones, financial allotments of $2,500 to $5,000 a person a month. NGOS like Catholic Relief Services are at the helm of this mass movement of people.

Do we realize that we are all being screwed as Americans? When an invitation is given to all who will show up, that free access to the rights and privileges that citizens enjoy is available.  The needy, the oppressed, the criminals and the freeloaders will arrive in the masses.  Who are the people behind the creation of this crisis? What is the hierarchy of this evil? Who are those behind the curtain pulling the levers? This is a complex problem as there are many entities that are involved. Not a simple answer.

We will name some of those that we do know we know. We know there is a small group who consider themselves as the elite. The Globalist Illuminati banking families, The World Economic forum, The United Nations.  This current sold out puppet Biden Administration is at the tip of the spear. There are many compromised Democrat and Republican politicians involved.  Many large US corporations. Numerous NGOs involved where it is all about the money. This shadow government that is run by the former Obama, administration. Organizations like The Chamber Of Commerce who love foreign cheap slave labor.

Of course there is the completely compromised Alejandro Mayorkas. Not an exceptionally smart man, but he knows how to follow the orders given to him through his handlers. Of course we cannot forget about Mr. Soros and his money that influences so many.  This is a well-funded well-oiled operation. We have many good rank and file federal border agents, but I do wonder at what point will many of these agents stand down to the illegal, unconstitutional orders and mandates they are given to them? May it never be said that we were just following orders. We see how that has worked out in history. If we following these unconstitutional mandates and orders we are destroying our security that will put our very lives in danger. Each one has taken the sacred oath to protect and defend our constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic. This does not end well if it is allowed to continue. The powers that be, the enemies within, intend to use this very situation to destroy us financially, to use these refugees as a new voting block and use many of these people to attack us from within. We see how that has worked out in history. This is a great threat to our national security and our personal lives.

Is our Mainstream Media gaslighting us?

These are some of our media lies:

Lie#1. The immigrants coming in to our country pose no health threats to us. TRUTH. Some of these coming across are carriers of third world diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, drug resistant tuberculosis, Ebola, Leprosy, smallpox, SARS Coved 2, as well as lice, scabies. No immunization records or vaccines are required for entry.

Lie #2. The Biden administration is doing everything it can to stop the flow of migrants. Quite the opposite. They are coordinating, funding and aiding this entire operation.

Lie #3.  The influx of drugs coming into the USA is not increasing because of immigration. Truth. This Administration is working in Alliance with The cartel and The Chinese communist. With the increase of lethal drugs like fentanyl. Methamphetamine, Heroin. The drug addiction and increase deaths aids in their strategy, to accelerate our down fall. I hope we have all come to the understanding that China is not our friend but is our advisory.

Lie #4.  The claim that these are just the poor oppressed migrants looking to work and enjoy the American dream.  Truth.  Some of this could be true to an extent. But, not being able to accurately validate the identities and any possible criminal or terrorist ties proves very difficult. What we do know and see is quite damning.

Lie #5. These undocumented immigrants are not responsible for an increase of crime in our communities. Truth, the numbers speak for themselves. With the increase of illegal immigration. The increase in violent crime like theft, Rape, murder, assault, criminal gangs controlling our streets. Some South American countries are releasing their prisons of violent criminals to the US. The MS-13 gangs are just walking across and possess more control of our border than our government does. It is just a matter of time before these people are on our door steps, especially when all the promises and free benefits end?

Why are these immigrants given favor and priority over American citizens?  I believe there are at least a couple reasons for this. These people coming across will be used as a new voter block of citizens. Several states are already in the process of legalizing these as new citizens with voter rights. These new citizens will then be used as replacements for American citizens. They can be easily manipulated to be compliant. They will vote for anyone who grants them rights and continues there free benefits.

The second part of this is a humiliation ritual to humiliate and shame its citizens. To rub our noses in dirt and destroy our morale. To let us know that those who hold power have absolute power and authority over us. Many of these potently new citizens coming across our border are given the red carpet treatment. Free luxury bus travel, free airline tickets anywhere in the US.  $2,500-$5,000 a month debit card plus $300-$500 a night hotels, while our veterans are forced out of shelters to go live on our streets.  Free legal counsel, free health care. Free education and day care for their children. Free tuition for collage is on the table. Public schools closed to house the hordes upon arrival. Priority in job placement and free sexual reassignment surgery. I think our own citizens should receive these benefits not the ungrateful intruders.  Just show up and it is all free. Compliments of the American taxpayers.

A nation filled with pedophiles.  Where are all the children that have been brought into our nation in the past 3 years?  The conservative number of 85 thousand. They have literally disappeared, vanished from the face of the earth. No one has tracked where all these children have gone. Absolute media silence. Are we a nation of pedophiles? We can only assume the worst case of these children being sexually trafficked, Child slave labor. SRA, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Organ harvesting And Adrenal chrome harvested. Huge money is made from this. Follow the money!

This is more prevalent than we would believe. It the epitome of evil. Washington DC has been rated as this nation # 1 hub of pedophiles Hollywood comes in second with these numbers. It could be said honestly that this current administration is knowingly and willfully involved in child trafficking. Will God judge our nation because of this? America death by a thousand cuts.  What will America look like if this invasion is allowed to continue?

The first aspect to this is the financial. We are already teetering on the state of a financial crash. This is unsustainable. We cannot afford to take in the world’s populations, a grave mistake. One of my concerns is not with the family’s crossing, looking for a refuge from true oppression and financial opportunities of work. No it is the tens of thousands of military men coming across from China, Russia, Cuba, Iran, Syria, Venezuela and other nations that hate us. They are not sending us all there poor and needy no they are sending us their best. The Trojan horse. This is a military invasion with little to no resistance.  And one of our senators, Dick Durbin is suggesting legislation that would grant citizenship to illegal aliens who commit to serving in our military or police forces.  Bringing foreign military into our military, many from communist nations would spell certain disaster. MR Durbin knows exactly what he is doing. (Big Picture) What will awaken the sleeping giant? Will it have to be a series of shock and awe events?

China has been sending thousands of what has been presumed to be its Special Forces shock troops. Selected and trained as children these are educated and trained in a vast variety of military skills, language and martial arts these would rival our special forces, Seal teems, Green Berates, Ranger and Delta forces. Russia has also placed its Alpha Spetsnaz forces into the equation. These are just 2 of out of the combined adversaries coming in through our open borders. This is all taking place under the watchful eye of our enemies within who want to see our down fall. No joking matter.

Some of these forces will be used to attack key infrastructure and supply facilities and to create mass casualty events. This will be used to implement martial law. The cancelation of our Constitution and the implementation of United Nations Forces (ie. peacekeepers) throughout our city’s and nation, to enforce international law. This is not my opinion. This is what the globalist elite have announced to bring about the downfall of America.   Then the roving hordes will be released upon us seeking shelter and food.  The unprepared, those who never saw this coming will be hit the hardest.  These plans are certain and true of how to topple a nation. The Hegelian Dialectic. The problem, Reaction and the solution.  This method has been used effectively throughout history. Those in power create a crisis. Like A mass unregulated foreign invasion. The people cry out for those in power to rescue them from the crisis, then those in control implement a power grab a control measure which has a pre-determined outcome. Foreign powers like United Nations forces come in to enforce their controls upon us.  Just surrender your liberties, your freedoms for alleged peace and security.

This is my Question: If we knew where we were being taken by the powers that be, would we go along willfully? Would we go along willingly?

May we not go into their dark night without resisting?

These are some recent news articles which support my statements. Venezuela sending tens of thousands of its communist citizens into America.1/24 Zero Hedge…  Politician’s purpose allowing illegal migrants to be allowed to vote in the 2024 election.1/24 News creators… Biden’s Veterans Affairs processes 161 thousand medical health clams for illegal migrants while denying clams for veterans 1/24 Laura Harris… Mobs of Chinese immigrants storm California border. Record setting 12,000 aliens entered US in one day. Tens of thousands more on their way News Creators 1/24… Illegal migrants are leaving their shelters going door to door begging for money and food Health Ranger Report. 1/24…Liberal mayors beg for help as migrant crisis spirals out of control even in sanctuary city’s…news creators 1/24.

DHS intelligence officer blows the whistle on massive Islamic terror invasion. The news Editor 12.18.23 `The CCP imbedded itself into the Utility infrastructure the Biden administration warns Zero Hedge. 1/24… Emergency whistle blower alert. South American violent criminals dispersed across the US as city’s run-up to the 2024 election. Health Ranger Report… Migrant crossings this year out number populations of 17 states…Data from US Customs and Border Protection. News Weak… Woke California expands tax payer funded health care for 700 thousand illegals. 1/4/24 Laura Harris… Cover-up of Tuberculosis outbreak at migrant camp. Exposed by local media, 1/12/24 Laura Harris… 500,000 Texas counties have now passed resolutions declaring an invasion. 1/10 24 News editors… Elon Musk issues dire warning. They will come for your homes. 1/24.News Editors…

Where do we go from here, united we stand divided we fall. Is there a solution to this problem that seems impossible? I think it is imperative that we have a fundamental understanding of our enemies play book, knowing their true plans and objectives, we must also know the times and seasons in which we live. The odds are overwhelmingly against us. Our enemies, the enemies of America, have played a long strategic game. Too many of us are naïve, uniformed of what is happening around us and how this will end.

First we must come to the knowledge of truth that this is a spiritual battle of good and evil, light and darkness. The Globalist Elite serve the darkness. They worship and serve Lucifer, satan, the devil and they openly admit to whom they serve. Biblically speaking, we are in that window of the end times. When prophecy is being fulfilled in front of our lives. The only way I see the plans of our enemies are interrupted and dismantled is that we have a divine intervention. Seeking the living God for His intervention when the situation is impossible by all human means. To return as a nation back to biblical principles, repent of our evil ways and turn our hearts back to Christ.

Many of our founding fathers had a deep respect and faith in their God. The God of the Bible. Our constitution was designed for a moral and God fearing people. When we reject the light and embrace the darkness. Then we see the moral decay and destruction of our nation. If the powers that be, the evil elites are able to take down the USA. Then they will be able to take down the nations of the world and bring their New World Order one world government plan to completion. This plan will be a living hell on earth.

The God who founded America, we the American people, our constitution, our freedoms stand in their way. The only way forward is to stand against their evil plan. This is our rescue plan. We must once again return to our faith and seek God fervently in repentance. Abandon our evil ways and seek the god who will here our prayers and rescue us in an act of his mercy. Rescue us from certain destruction. This is a plan that works. Our only hope is to return back to our faith and pray for a divine intervention,   where the god of the Bible rescues this nation.   “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, seek my face and turn from their evil ways then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land.” Chronicles 7:14

“When there is moral rot within a nation, its government topples easily But wise and knowledgeable leaders bring stability” Proverbs 28:2.   “A just king brings stability to his nation but one who demands bribes destroys it.” Proverbs 28:4“…  “The law becomes paralyzed when and there is no justice in the courts, when the wicked far outnumber the righteous so that justice has been perverted.” Habakkuk 1:4 “When the wicked are in authority people go into hiding. When the wicked meet disaster the godly flourish.” Proverbs 28 “When the wicked take charge sin flourishes but the godly will see their downfall.” Proverbs 29:15…   The wicked will not rule the land of the godly, for then the godly might be tempted to do wrong. Proverbs 125:3… Blessings and curses upon nations. Deuteronomy 28:2-30…

William Vossmeyer



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